Month 7: Holding Power – Day 191

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

Learning about erosion

9/1 Day 191 S:    It was an off  night last night.   I was very groggy and Mini Moose must be in a growth spurt together with attempting to pull up to standing — so his mind is very active.    I didn’t get any consecutive sleep and I kept thinking I’d given him a pee opportunity but turns out I hadn’t.  We didn’t get any catches until we were up and about–and that was way too early!

We did use the same diaper all day and Mini Moose stayed dry for a major errand.   Daddy Man is looking to upgrade his jeep Liberty that he bought new about 8 years ago to a used SUV with half the amount of miles and one year older.  It was a really good deal.    The extra room will be nice so we can have more room for hauling things and to be able to actually have room for two or three passengers even with the kids in their car seats.  It’s big, but not the size of an aircraft — so that’s good.    I’ll be inheriting the jeep which will be a big upgrade for me.    Message lights go off and on in my car randomly…

Anyway, while Daddy Man was test driving and purchasing, Mini Moose had two big pees on an out of the way telephone pole surrounded by some over grown grass.  Then the rest of the day we went to a nearby reservoir where the city created a “beach” for residents enjoy.  It is a state park and only 20 minutes from our house.    It was a little cooler than I like but the little ones had a good time.    Daddy Man became a child magnet when he created a little river in the sand with gradients for water poured at the top to run down and pool with cool erosion effects.

We had a succession of misses when we got home around 7:00pm, but overall at was a fantastic EC day despite the night misses.


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