Month 7: Holding Power – Day 192

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/2 Day 191 Su:   A pretty uneventful day today.   Last night was a little hard for me because Mini Moose just was nursing more than usual and was being restless.     He had some giant pees too.   I caught two of them but missed the rest.     I was drained most of the day and we didn’t go out, just stayed in the house.  Daddy Man worked on his hobby, I did some laundry, and the little ones played together.  Mini Moose zips across the floor, Itty Bitty tries to pick him up or give him love while she tries to bogart toys.    It’s cute until she makes him mad.     “Itty Bitty leave him alone he’s happy and quiet!”    Big pout, “But I  love him!  He’s so cute!” so sayeth Itty Bitty.

Mini Moose is really close to be able to pull himself up to standing.   He’s been standing on our laps for months as we hold him or give him fingers to hold, but he hasn’t been able to do it on an object yet.  He’s tried all month long though — usually in places that won’t give him the grip he needs, but he’s gotten the idea finally that the poop chair in fixed position might be the ticket.   Itty Bitty learned to pull up on it too.  She was much more wobbly the first time she did it, using all of her upper body strength.    Mini Moose is bigger and his legs are stronger so he’s not going to have that shakey-wobbly problem.     His crawling is coming along.  He prefers to army crawl rather than on all fours, but he does it from time to time.

Our catch rate today was about 60:40.   I missed a poop but also caught two very small ones and we caught a good number of pees, the ones we missed he was on the floor and just about each time he crawled to us to grab a toe.    We take care of the situation and he goes back to do whatever it was he was doing.    It’s been a bit harder to catch because he’s not napping nearly as much and he’s putting so much physical effort into his movements.


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