Month 7: Holding Power – Day 194

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9/4 Day 194 T:  Another pretty good night catch rate, though to my horror both Itty Bitty and Mini Moose wanted to nurse and go to bed ridiculously early (8:30pm is early in our house — which means an early rise — which means bad things for my constitution).    It took quite a while for them to settle and go to sleep.  Itty Bitty didn’t nap today and Mini Moose barely napped because his brain apparently is building a new wing.    My throat is a bit scratchy from this lingering annoying cough that usually only plagues me at night or random times out of the blue.      Anyway, because my sleep pattern wasn’t jiving with this time alteration, I was mostly awake or in a light doze, we used only one diaper all night.    Zipadeedoodah!

We weren’t as up as early as I feared but still I could have used more sleep myself.     We had a good morning catch rate catching a very epic morning wee after we got up.  Then I got busy making roast chicken for dinner and we had several misses and we were just off sync after than — being just barely too late (the prefold in belt would still be warm) and missed two random poops.     I couldn’t figure out how to get us back on track and then after he had a short nap we caught that one easily.   I then realized that he just barely napped today, was on the move to abscond the cat food bowl single-mindedly, and we were both distracted by our tasks.

Itty Bitty has been a little over zealous trying to play with Mini Moose.  I’ve given up the notion of disallowing her from picking him up on her own, instead I allow her to do it now that he is stronger and if she holds him around the chest under his arms — rather than the head.  What is it with siblings and grabbing each other by the head!?     I figure give her limits and she can help with keeping him out of the cat bowl or get him unstuck from a corner.   It’s got to be better than my growling about it!   Much nicer to acknowledge care than to reprimand — and it gives me confidence that I can trust her and she listens to instruction better.

I gave her a giant box to play with and her first thought was to put her brother in it and close them both in it.  Mini Moose was quite displeased because he had been busy playing with something and she took it away and carried him to the box.    I had to intervene twice when Mini Moose lost his mind from relentless pursuit by his sister.  She tried to wrap him in a blanket, made unfair trades of toys, sat him up when he wanted to lie down, lie him down when he wanted to sit up, made a castle out of the poop chair by turning it on it’s side making it hard for him to practice standing, sat on him like a horse, and generally just was in his face.

He’ll have his day so she better watch out!


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