Month 7: Holding Power – Day 195

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/5 Day 195 W:     Sledgehammer.  That’s what I wanted to pound Daddy Man’s alarm clock with the THREE times it went off, the THREE times it woke up me and Moose, and the final time it woke up Itty Bitty.

Momma was NOT happy.

We had a great catch rate though, go figure!   We used 3 flats in the night, got the giant morning pee, and a few random pees in the morning.       The afternoon was a fifty fifty hit and miss.  At 1:00pm Mini Moose was crabby, nursed and passed out in my arms, at 1:30pm I put on Little Einsteins Triple Play on the TV for Itty Bitty and I dozed off, at 2:00 Itty Bitty climbed up beside me on the couch to cuddle and started to nod off.  I shoved a throw pillow between us for comfort and she was out cold.      I prepare to go bake to sleep and then I realize that I smell something on the stove starting to burn — I thought I had shut off the burner on a soup but it was on super low and the water was evaporating.   I had to get up with the baby to turn it off, then realized we both had to potty, and…that was the end of my nap.  *le sigh*

The soup…oh…I’d set the roast chicken carcass in the crock pot overnight to make stock and I had this brilliant idea to make homemade egg noodles to go with some of it and the leftover meat from yesterday.    Well, I couldn’t find my semolina flour so I used a mixture of cake flour and bread flour, but I messed up and used only 1 egg for the 1 cup of flour and it made tough, doughy, pale fat noodles.  Yuck.    That’s what was starting to burn on the stove.

I wound up finding my semolina while Itty Bitty was still napping (in the freezer buried) and I tried again.   It went much better, the dough was softer and it was going really well.    I waited until Daddy Man got home to actually roll and cut.     It was going great until I went to cut them and they started to stick.  I didn’t use enough flour between the layers when I folded it and didn’t let it rest a bit after rolling.    They came out quite good, though not perfect.    Not bad for a first –er second — try!

Daddy Man also had a great idea to take Itty Bitty out to the school yard to ride the tricycle.    At the beginning of the spring she couldn’t quite reach the pedals properly on the down stroke, now she has no problem.      She’s growing so fast!    I was both proud and so … sad.

Note:  I’m the only one who got bitten by mosquitoes…three times.    Really?  What gives, Universe!


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