Month 7: Holding Power – Day 196

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/6 Day 196 R:    We had another excellent EC night last night, we used only two flats and had three catches — big ones!    One of them he even stopped when he realized I was waking up to offer him a pee-op so he was slightly damp but finished in our big potty bowl.    The other miss when I woke up he was dry but as I was thinking “Oh he’s dry he needs to pee…” I fell back asleep!

Our day catches didn’t fare quite as well, but we had a  low 30/70  catch rate for pees because I was busy prepping for work tonight and I lost track of time and I just kept missing them by a mere few seconds (prefold in the prefold belt still warm).  I also  missed two big poops.   He get’s changed in seconds,  but darn…the poop is really confounding me.  He doesn’t have a poop rhythm like his sister had.   It’s gas…gas…gas…po0–nope-not-yet…gas…ga…pooooop!    Poop Roulette.

When I got home from work tonight Daddy Man had a lot of pee misses…little damp ones and one big one.

Itty Bitty enjoys picking up her brother and moving him around…he loves it too for some reason — big smiles.    Mini Moose is working really hard on pulling up.   We are going to be in big trouble soon!


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