Month 7: Holding Power – Day 198

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

It’s just a matter of time before nothing on the couch is safe…

9/8 Day 198 S:  A really great EC night again.  We almost made it with the same belted flat but, alas, I fell back asleep for one of them.  I think Moose had 3 or 4  big pees over a course of 12 hours and he nursed tons.

It was bad thunderstorm weather today so we didn’t go out except early afternoon for an errand.  Daddy Man wanted to get Itty Bitty a new football shirt because she’d outgrown the one she’s worn for nearly three years.  I took the opportunity to suck it up and buy myself on pair of jeans and a pair of jersey fabric pants in size 14.  I am just not getting my previous size 12 back in time and I need more than two pairs of tight pants for work this winter!

It was a typical 70:30 high catch rate, but three stealth poops were missed.   Two were in the presence of Daddy Man with both of them with Moose’s butt high in the air, and one that was so silent it got smeared on the floor before it was noticed.

Moose farts a lot when I take him to pee and I feel his abdominal muscles clenching so he does try.  I haven’t quite figure out how to coordinate the trying with the actual pooping.  We managed to get a teeny tiny deposit in the right place after the last miss, so we keep on trying!


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