Month 7: Holding Power – Day 199

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A few days ago: Moose’s first time in a swing. A big hit!

9/9 Day 199 Su:  What a horrible, horrible night.  Totally my fault.  I washed all the bed linens but the drier was being a biznitch and wouldn’t dry a thin bed spread.   All the usual blankets I use in the summer were dirty.   I have a hard time sleeping with just a sheet unless it is oppressively hot, otherwise I feel exposed.  My feet feel like they are floating in space and I feel very vulnerable.  The weight of linens puts me out (so does my husband’s hand on my derriere but he sleeps out of the family bed right now while the baby is small).

I hardly slept and when I did it was fitful.  Putting a pillow on my feet helped a little.   As a result, I missed all but one pee and in the wee hours.  Poor Mini Moose ended up soaked and cold many times.  I finally gave him to Daddy Man at 7 AM, got a bathrobe to lay over myself and passed out for about two hours.   Mini Moose wouldn’t wait any longer, but Daddy Man went out to get me coffee after he gave him to me to nurse and took Itty Bitty downstairs for breakfast.

Despite the night fiasco, we had quite a good day using the same belted prefold from about 9am to 2pm.  Then Mini Moose just wanted to be on the floor, have quick nurses, and not nap.  He’s got things to do!  Itty Bitty was a handful of whirling energy today and for some reason decided to poop in the toilet, and deposit pee in both potties.   The girl is just odd sometimes!

Mini Moose soon after that was in the middle of going poop in the toilet (yay!)…we were going to be victorious finally… and Itty Bitty can screetching into the bathroom for no other reason than to … screetch in the bathroom…and she scared the poop right back into him.    He wouldn’t relax after that.     ARRRRRGgggggghhhhh!


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