Month 7: Holding Power – Day 200

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9/10 Day 200 M:    Everyone was up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning – except me.  Moan.    EC last night was quite good.   We had three very big catches and only used two flats.       It was quite cold when we got up, so Fall is in the air.   It reminded me that I have a pair of EC pants I am supposed to test and review.      They came in the mail while we were away and we were so busy in July and August that I completely forgot.  It was really hot though and since Moose is usually naked, or in just a prefold clothes aren’t really used unless we are going out or taking a picture (you know so we can avoid 3000 shots of nude baby).

Itty Bitty had her first dental cleaning today at 12:30 and she did fantastic!   She was a bit hesitant at first but with with promise by the Dental Assistant that she could wear sunglasses she was sold!      This was her third visit to this office.   If you followed her blog from the beginning, at around 18  months she broke two of her teeth (lateral incisors?) which were brand new and only like 3 months old!    We visited a horrible office who just shoved a dental caries brochure at me, made us wait over an hour, and didn’t acknowledge the chips in her teeth.   We made the switch to this office which does not make little wait more than ten minutes and gets them in and out.    We’ve been keeping an eye on her broken teeth because they are fragile and very susceptible.  They are discolored and chipped, but they aren’t infected.  At this point, it is a cosmetic issue we aren’t going to remedy since they are baby teeth.       Itty Bitty is quite used to brushing her teeth, has had them flossed now and then, has an electric tooth brush, a dental mirror, and she has seen me use my water pik and I’ve shown her dental picks so she would be used to them and not freaked out by the noises or unfamiliarity.     We’ve been practicing over the past year having her clench her teeth together, open her mouth, and follow other instructions.      It really paid off together with the fantastic staff at the office.     Itty Bitty would have stayed all day I think!

Mini Moose did well too.  He was watching with rapt attention and flirting with the staff.      He also stayed dry the whole outing (even when we stopped and I treated Itty Bitty to a lunch at a local deli and she picked a salad and we shared a soup) and we didn’t have any misses until late in the afternoon when we got home.  Then we got a little off kilter and missed the poop.   It popped out as he was trying to pull up on the toy box and the blast I am sure was heard halfway down the block!

I had to work tonight and Daddy Man had a rough time with Mini Moose who was inconsolable for 40 minutes.    He drank TEN ounces of breastmilk and I nursed him before I left.    EGADS!     No wonder, he probably had a stomach ache.     I am going to have to go back to rationing the milk so that doesn’t happen again.  Here I thought I was set for the mere four hour separation and halfway to fulfilling my pumping needs for Thursday night work.

Okay, ladies who pump or who understand what I’m saying about the sheer volume consumed…altogether now…   FACEPALM!


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