Month 7: Holding Power – Day 201

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/11 Day 201 T:   We had another nice EC night last night with 3 catches and 2 misses.  As with anything, we get better as we practice.    Mini Moose is still sitting up now when he has to go and he has this hiccoughing cry of distress.   I think it means, “Dagnabbit, I have to pee again but I want to get back to dreaming about the womb.”

I realized today that Itty Bitty’s birthday is next week and I haven’t done her invitations yet.  When did September get here!?     She is having a pirate theme and I, of course, am trying to not spend a lot.    I used to do all sorts of crafts and have a lot of paper and doo dads leftover from various projects.      So, I used Microsoft Word to create a pretty cool invite with pictures and pirate lingo (google is my friend) and then I got this bright idea to age the paper to make it look more treasure-mappy.

Fellow crafters, I know you hear the song of the crafting siren.     It’s a sink hole from which I am going to drown in because I have dug out some old tea bags, a baking dish, and have printed and tea dyed paper baking in the oven at 350 for five minutes.   And that’s just the prototype.     See, you can’t just “whip up” 15-20 invites without testing out how the ink will stand up to wetting, or what sort of disasters await if you use typing paper rather than card stock.

Because I’m a bit preoccupied, we didn’t have as good of an EC day as we normally would.   But we did have a lot of success despite that because we always get the wake up pee, we stay dry on errands (we went on a short trip to pick out some pictures we had done but the computers were down that day so we had to go back and I broke down and bought a new watch — I feel so naked without one), and get the after nap and after nurse pees.   The ones we missed were all ones where Mini Moose was playing with Itty Bitty on the floor.     If he is wet and I don’t noticed he crawls over to me to suck on my toe.   That is just so weird.    Only when he can’t get to me feet or I am not “getting it” fast enough will he cry distressed.    We had a poop miss, but did catch the second half of it so that’s something!


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