Month 7: Holding Power – Day 202

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

Our outing a few days ago. Moose is in a prefold with belt under a Thirsties cover. He stayed dry and was offered successful pottytunities.

9/12 Day 202 W:   It was a very wakeful night.    Itty Bitty is fine.   We have a night nurse and even if she is wired up she falls asleep no problem on her side of the bed.  Mini Moose and I are a different story.    My mind is full of projects so I’m having trouble sleeping and Mini Moose is in his mental spurt so he is nursing all night and very restless too.       This makes for a fantastic night of catches, but I’m going to pay for the sleeplessness one way or the other.    We had only two misses again and four catches before we got up for the day.   Which was around 7 or 7:30.   Ugh.    I’ll adapt…eventually.    Keep in mind that 7:30am here us kuje 5:30am for most people!

After our morning routine of big pees and picking up, Project Pirate began in earnest.   I printed (took longer than usual because I am almost out of ink and the printer was being crabby about it), and cut the manila cardstock,   I then dyed them in tea four at a time and baked them in the oven to dry.  I did this twice.   I then printed out some skulls and crossbones before I ran out of ink and couldn’t finished the rest of my prints.   Instead I began cutting.

When Daddy Man got home, I think he took pity upon me seeing the state of the kitchen and he helped me finish tea dying and ripping the invitations to look like old maps, then he took the kids so I could burn the edges to clean them up.

How did our EC day go.   We did okay catching our normals but missing all the floor pees again, and TWO poops.    And they were big ones.      Itty Bitty was also a little put out that I didn’t let her help.   Sorry darling…its a time crunch…have some play doh!


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