Month 7: Holding Power – Day 203

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/13 Day 203 R:    We had only one catch last night.  I’m feeling wired and tired and it was another early rise.  I guess this is going to be our new pattern for a while.  Yippee. Kye.  Yea.  Bleh.

Our EC morning was pretty good.   I set out phase two of the invitations into the tea bath overnight and there were too many so they didn’t all get soaked.   It turned out okay though.  These are the outer pockets that will hold the “maps”.      Projects have a way of getting away from you.  Originally I was going to make them into “satchels” but they kind of morphed into a card style tied with hemp string.     Of course, I had to get all crazy fancy and turn something simple into a craft black hole.   I decided it was too plain so I packed the kids in the car and went to buy more ink.

This was good for EC since Moose had his potty ops, stayed dry, and got to nap in the Mei Tai and Itty Bitty got to walk around and exercise.   She was rewarded with her very own pair of scissors and she was shown how to use them so she could make a jolly mess of confetti out of some typing paper.    While Moose napped  and I pumped, I made new pictures to print and as he woke up when Daddy Man got home  I instructed him to do some cutting.   I went to work and came home to all things quiet!    There was lots of pee but then lots of napping by both little ones.

I didn’t get to finish the invites as I wanted.  I was tired anyway so we went to bed.


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