Month 7: Holding Power – Day 204

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/14 Day 204 F:   Man.  I KNEW it was going to catch up with me.    This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.    I was a mean, short-tempered, shrew with a side of Go

Harmony after returning from the post office. Mini Moose is modeling his Thirsties Diaper Cover over a sumo prefold and belt.

rgon.    I am tired and stressed over Project Pirate and I did it to myself.   I mean, the invitations look really fantastic and it did feel good to do something besides wash dishes, do laundry, sweep, and make goo goo faces.  But damn.

When you get preoccupied, you give less hugs, affection, and attention.  Then your kids get clingy.  Clingy kids get whiney and screetchy and blubbery.  They do things like sit on their brothers or crawl after you crying because you were out of sight for 3 seconds.  Then you get whiney, yelly, cranky, and feel like you need to throw the biggest tantrum (and you kind of do).

I did find a little peace when I got to the point where I could assemble the last bits while nursing and sitting with Itty Bitty to watch a show on TV.   I really wanted to nap.  I finally get them done (there was about 16 invitations and 16 sleeve and a bazillion components) and we make it to the post office with about 15 minutes to spare.

Daddy Man brought home dinner.

As far as EC goes, it was horrible.  It isn’t that we had no catches…we did believe it or not.   At least five, but we missed a big poop and lots and lots of floor pees.  So many were missed that Mini Moose was very distressed and put out.

Party Craft Black Hole.  Front and back of the outer map holder, and the map invitation.

Could all of this have been avoided?   Yeah.    Had I not forgotten and started the project three weeks ago like I planned Itty Bitty could have helped, it would have been fun not stressful, I could have added as many final touches as I would have liked but didn’t do because of time, and I could have made this a pleasant thing and not turned into a harpy on the last day.   I let her “help” me with one of them and that made her happy so there’s that.

I apologized, let the littles play in the bath for an hour (they love to play together in the water) after my shower (I hadn’t showered in a week I realized!) and they were filthy little bits!      I had to soothe a hysterical Mini Moose who didn’t want to be with daddy and was waiting for me to finish with Itty Bitty who really needed me to give her some attention.   Before bed we group hugged and I apologized for being impatient and  yelling and Itty Bitty said, “That’s Okay mommy, I sorry too.”       Broke my heart.        I put on a movie so I could nurse the snuffling Mini Moose to sleep, then I nursed Itty Bitty who was out in 15 minutes.

Thank goodness I type like 75wpm or I’d never get a blog done before I passed out!


2 thoughts on “Month 7: Holding Power – Day 204

  1. I’m cracking up! Today was a cranky-pants day for us too! Big sister was so getting on my nerves… like, I’d be a millionaire if I had a dollar for ever time she said, ‘Mommy….’ We caught nearly everything from my 5 week old today, except she had a million wet farts, so tomorrow I’ll be doing just as much laundry as I would if I hadn’t been doing EC! Sigh… hubby’s home from work tomorrow, sometimes I think that it’s easier when he’s home to help… but it actually gets more crazy! I also type a million words per minute or I would never be able to write my blogs.

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