Month 7: Holding Power – Day 205

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

9/15 Day 205 S:

Today the laundry was left undone
So we could go and have some fun

The house will be here by and by
The dust will stay, the floor will dry

The garbage is full to the very brim
And still we leave to chase a whim

We leave dishes with food bits on
And no dusting to fret upon

Tomorrow babies will be older make no mistake
There’s no time for chores, for we’ve got memories to make


There’s my little bit of sappy poetry for you.    I’m taking a lesson out of my disastrous yesterday to make today a better one.

We had only two misses last night and some pretty big wees.   Daddy Man was gone before we woke up because he left at 6AM to go on a trip to New York for his speaker hobby so it was just going to be us all day.     The morning we had two misses before we left the house for the day.    I first took Itty Bitty out for breakfast so she could have a giant blueberry pancake.   Then we took a trip to go to a local library play room (I was proud of myself for not getting lost because I took a much different route…yay me!).   It rained last night so everything was kind of damp outside.  I also wanted to give Mini Moose free roam and that is very difficult to do if I’m keeping an eye on my daredevil in a playground.     Itty Bitty was also quite tired and when she’s tired she looses what little sense of danger she has!

There was free play for about 2 and a half hours and Mini Moose had four potty opportunities and stayed dry the whole time.  They both fell asleep in the car on the way home (I knew they were both tired).   I let them nap in the car for thirty extra minutes and then we went inside to have lunch.   Itty Bitty didn’t wake up happy and had a bit of a meltdown that was inconsolable.   I think she needed another hour of sleep but she just couldn’t be convinced.   She nursed a bit but I had to stop her because when she is emotional she leaves deep groove marks that sting.  She was not happy about having to stop.  Through all of that,    I totally forgot to give Mini Moose a potty moment when we got inside and that was a gigantic soggy miss.

We had hits and misses with floor pees of course, but the real kicker was when I was cleaning the poop out of the cat boxes and I had gone outside to throw the wet sawdust bits from the Feline Pine Litter in our lazy man’s mulch pile (not the poop!).   When I returned not two minutes later Itty Bitty greets me at the door with, “The baby pooped mommy!”


Luckily the prefold and belt were on and held most of the explosion, but some does get out because when you are sitting on your butt where else is it going to go but out?

I will conquer the poop make no mistake!

Daddy Man got home around 10:30pm and we had some family bed snuggles and each of my Littles got to nurse before passing out.  Mini Moose though was especially wakeful because he just wants to go go go go go…but not even his whining grunting tiredness could keep him awake forever.  Sleep can not be denied.   Itty Bitty didn’t like to wait her turn but she managed to contain her pouting to a arm cross and brief hiding in the closet.


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