Month 7: Holding Power – Day 206

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

No good place for a discreet pee?  No problem!    My much loved PlanetWise wet bag turned into an instant potty for a boy (a little trickier with a girl but doable). It is waterproof, portable, and already has a soiled prefold in it so why not!?

9/16 Day 206 Su:  The pee party went well again last night with our usual two misses and our early rise.   Twitch.

It was a pretty uneventful day.  Itty Bitty missed her dad so we just hung out together and went out for breakfast because Daddy Man was salivating and hadn’t been to our usual place in over a year.   Off we went.     Next time Daddy Man and I will forgo the buffet.  What were we thinking?   We ate more than we needed because we felt we needed to get out every penny spent.   Itty Bitty had a blueberry pancake again — her favorite.    We digested while he watched football, we had plenty of big catches and some small misses.

We took Itty Bitty to the pretty big playground at a nearby town and she got to impress him with mastering some new apparatus.  She’s particularly keen on learning the corkscrew pole after watching a 3 1/2 year old go down in a blurring spin.     I think I’m going to need some heart medication to survive the playground years.      Mini Moose stayed dry the whole time.  He had a nap in the car then a nice wee in an out of the way bush in a naturalized area across from the parking area (it was only a few steps).  I forgot my Mei Tai so I used the emergency pouch sling I keep in my car.      Daddy Man spotted Itty Bitty for some challenging climbs and Moose and I watched and had some fun on a swing I could actually fit my backside into.     I admit that the chain at top was making some funny squeaking, groaning, moaning noises.     Note to self:   lay off the sweet tea and Slushies.


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