Month 7: Holding Power – Day 207

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9/17 Day 207 M:       Itty Bitty fell out of bed last night because she was being restless and doing a burrito roll with the blanket.  Our bed is pretty low and she’s fallen out of it twice before with no harm (once in her first year by misjudging crawling, once just before she turned two in a half sleep in the morning she though she was moving towards me — the blanket broke her fall), just got startled and once she was jumping on the bed and just as we told her not to because it wasn’t safe she launched off and hit the side table and fell.  Again, not even that left a mark nor bruise because she happened to break her fall and didn’t get hurt.  n Like I said, low bed!     The planets must have been aligned last night.  At about 5:00AM I was awoken by having my blanket ripped off of me.  Just as I was about to get it back, Itty Bitty did a crazy roll (sleep tantrum?) and I hear a loud thudding smack.  The same sound I hear when I bean my head on the slanted ceiling.    Even though the distance isn’t far she landed right on the right side of her forehead and because I am sure her arms were stuck in the blanket she couldn’t break her fall and there was no blanket to cushion.     It was still quite dark and I could already see the lump swelling.         Itty Bitty cried and squealed for me.  Then Mini Moose cried because he was startled awake.

Daddy Man was still snoring in the other room.   Gah!

I had to wait for Daddy Man (who had been quite naughty and went to bed only an hour before) to get himself awake enough to deal with Mini Moose while I practically jumped down a flight of stairs to get an ice pack on Itty Bitty’s head.        She only cried for a minute, but ‘m sure it rung her bell because she didn’t give me one word of complaint when I put ice on it.   I made her stay up for an hour to watch for vomiting or any signs of concussion — though with the fall being less than two feet I wasn’t worried.         By then Mini Moose was pissed.    In more ways than one!   Daddy Man said he peed three times and then was hysterical.

Up until then we’d had a dry EC night and he’d been up often to nurse so I hadn’t had a whole lot of shut eye.      And pretty much I was the only on in the house who didn’t get much snooze time.    I made Daddy Man stay in the family bed to keep an eye on Itty Bitty while I took care of Mini Moose who as now a permanent breast accessory.    Though, truth be told, he went right back to snoring.   Well, at least he was good for warming up the bed and being a human bed rail.

Daddy Man stayed home from work and slept for 3 hours more after we all were up.    Then he had a two hour afternoon nap.

Should I let him live?

How was our EC day?   Actually, it wasn’t that bad.   Moose and I were on a roll, even getting some random in between nap pees that we often miss.  There wasn’t a lot of misses until I went to work (caffeined) and came back home to chaos.     I was only gone four and a half hours and they must have gone through 8 prefolds.    Daddy Man was beside himself because I only left him 6.5 ounces of milk and the baby was in inconsolable hysterics for 50 minutes.

Dude.   Go outside!  Go for a car ride!        A lot of times Mini Moose will be distracted by just being out or going for a ride.    I’d done it at 2:00 this afternoon.when he was kind of hungry and wanted to nap but I had to go the store.     He was amiable for an hour just because we were out and then he nursed and went right to sleep.    The toy chaos was a whole other animal, and he gave Itty Bitty pizza for dinner — she had a cold slice of pizza as a treat already for early lunch he gave her that I scowled about and there was a perfectly good chicken pot pie to eat.   Ackk!

He looked angry and at the end of his rope because he ran out of milk.      o.O      Yes, the kids can leave me looking like I’ve been steam rolled.  However, that’s after 20-24 hours and often up to a week with no breaks.   He get’s 4.5 hours of kid-watch twice a week.

Cry me a river, darling.  You are cute and sweet and affectionate and funny and have a well turned calf so you may live.    Though there is a rolling pin with Daddy Man’s name on it.


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