Month 7: Holding Power – Day 208

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

A glimpse of the energy level of my spawn…

9/18 Day 208 T:      Last night was wakeful for me but still a good night as far as EC goes.   Itty Bitty wasn’t too thrilled at first with her new sleeping location on the side car, but because she’s been so disorientated at night after a dream and that freak fall — I decided to just switch sides so that if she has an issue again with night flails she can’t roll anywhere but into the wall.  Perhaps a smashed nosed might result.     The bonus is that I have more room because of all the freed up bed real estate.  The draw back is that I am used to doing things on my right an sleeping on my right and now everything is on the left like the potty bowl and my computer.   I’ll adapt eventually!     We had only two misses and three or four catches (I don’t exactly remember).

We met a new friend at a local science center and that’s where we spent the day.  Believe it or not, after we got up for the day we had like 3 or four misses have a really big catch, then we were dry the whole four hours we were out with two potty opportunities while we were there and then one more before we left for home.     The last potty opportunity was a big one that kind of got away from me.     I’d forgotten to take Mini Moose to the loo before we left the building so I decided to let him pee on a grassy spot near the car (well away from foot traffic and it was drizzling rain).   I didn’t realize he’d probably been holding it a while to avoid peeing on me in the Mei Tai so the second I took off the diaper he let go and it was a pee puddle next to the car in the parking lot!    Luckily, it was already wet  out and they were near closing so a little rinse was all that was needed.    Mini Moose peed on his foot and on my shoe a little bit.

They both fell asleep in the car and I sat in the car — in the driveway at home — reveling in the quiet for an hour.  Being so enthralled by the peace, I had me a coffee and was only a little put out that my car started smoking a bit five minutes before we got home (coolent was empty it turned out).     I didn’ t have to listen to Mini Moose shriek in his new high pitched scream that he loves to practice, didn’t have to watch im pull up on the couch, TV, poop chair, step stool, the cat, my leg, his sister and spot his daredevil antics, I didn’t have Itty Bitty was snoring and not talking a mile a minute…   Ahhh….  Who needs Calgon when you’ve got comfy car seats that put the littles out cold?


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