Month 7: Holding Power – Day 210

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

Who doesn’t love sumo thighs?

9/20 Day 210 R:      I missed all but one pee last night.  I’m just so tired.   I was out with the littles late morning and early afternoon looking for tempura paint — which, apparently, you can’t find in big bottles when you want them because the magically vanish kind of like red glitter in December.    I did get brushes for the kids, newspaper, glitter pens, glue sticks, tacky glue, die cut fish, and glue-on jewels.   I’m planning on having crafting stations to color their own cardboard swords, a fishing activity after they color them, digging for buried treasure, and a walk the plank station.   About 8 kids are coming though we initially planned for 12.    I couldn’t find a birthday banner for our pirate theme so I decided to make one since I now had plenty of ink.   Thirty minutes on word to make the letters while nursing, 20 minutes to growl at printer, 10 minutes to print while cutting triangles out of poster board, 15 minutes to cut out the letters in their circles, 10 minutes to get them all set up on the table then … that’s it I couldn’t finish due to clingy littles and then I had to pump and go to work.

I missed pees and the poop-well not all we caught a couple of micro poops…just not the Big Papa.    We had pee catches while we were out though!   Interesting to note also is that Mini Moose is flexing his ab muscles with effort when I make my “poop” signal sound.  I never had a separate sound for Itty Bitty, but then she didn’t go everyday like Moose.  She was a Poo Bomber.


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