Month 7: Holding Power – Day 211

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Happy Birthday…Keep that adventurous spirit even if it give mommy heart failure!

9/21 Day 211 F:      Happy 3rd Birthday Itty Bitty!

I would cry a little if I weren’t so tired and busy with these crafts.    Daddy Man started putting together the “Big Gift” last night and got most of the way done, though he noted that there was a missing piece out of the 300.  He looked a little rattled.    I didn’t get much sleep with Moose waking every hour and Itty Bitty doing her 2AM disorientated dream waking whine fest.   It was a night of all misses.

I glued up a birthday crown from scraps of black and red poster board, glitttered on a 3, and let Itty Bitty decorate it with stickers and glitter pens.   I took Itty Bitty out for a Birthday breakfast and we took a short trip to the store for a few last minute items.

I decided to cut out the swords from cardboard boxes, cover the blades with foil, and wrap the handles in masking tape while Itty Bitty watched “Doopy Doo”  (Scooby Doo).    I made four before Moose had had enough of floor play and was mad.    I had a hard time getting anything done in the house so we went outside.   I thought that I could do the cardboard ship project I’d anted to do earlier in the week.    I managed to tape two boxes and a pizza box together, cut 3 port holes,  and paint “water” on the bottom using ugly old paint that came with the house (bad on walls pretty on cardboard).   And that was it.   The littles were demanding attention, Moose was mad again,  Itty Bitty wanted to help but could only do a small part, and I almost cried had a whine fest screetch moment from frustration from a 30 minute project that just couldn’t be accomplished especially since yesterday I couldn’t even finish ordering the cake because of toddler and baby intervention.             I almost forgot to call them today too!     Hold it together woman!

I caught two pees all day, 2 half dollar sized poops, missed the rest and the main Mack Daddy poo.

We had a last minute cancellation so are down to six kids (though we think 5 since we don’t think a new friend is going to come — the reason is complicated).    Later I realized it was down to  4 because of illness of another family.

I finally got a chance to paint the name “Black Pearl” and paint the port hole trim black late evening after Daddy Man got home while braving the onslaught of mosquitoes.  I’ll likely post the pics on Itty Bitty’s blog update when I get a chance to do it.     We took Itty bitty out for a Birthday Dinner…though it was Destructo Girl who dined.   Girl still gets nutter butter when she misses that 3:30 nap.     The staff sang to her and though Daddy Man thought it was not the wisest idea to take her out to dinner, I was glad to get out  and she liked the attention.

I got to finish the banner just before bed!   I glued the letters on last night after I got home from work (5 minutes).   I used my Cropadile (purchased for my DIY wedding crafts) to make two holes in each one a dozen at a time (yay!) then strung them on hemp twine I’ve had lying around for like 15 years!  Daddy Man kept me company while entertaining the kids (I was doing this in bed).       Itty Bitty helped by handing me each triangle.   Moose was feeling poorly with a very slight fever of 99 and some nose phlegm.  I guess that explains his mood today.

And thank the stars, I caught the yucky green poop that had a pre-warning of foul stanky farting.   While not copious, it was noisy!    There won’t be much sleep tonight!

I just want things to be nice even though the party budget is tight.


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