Month 7: Holding Power – Day 212

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

Helping Mommy yesterday…

9/22 Day 212 S:      Paarty!

I am running on caffeine.   I was up all night long not just because Moose was restless but because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep all week and I’m a bit stressed.     We pee missed all night too because of my grogginess and Itty Bitty had another dream disorientation.

I totally forgot to print out the party sign decorations!    While Daddy Man cut grass I spent the morning pasting and hanging decorations with an ok but less energetic Mini Moose slung on my back.    Believe it or not he stayed dry the whole time!  I know…crazy!   Wear him he’s dry for two hours, plop him on the floor and it is pee-geddon every 20 minutes!

My side of the family arrived first early around 12:30.   I was kind of out of energy by then still wearing moose and trying to get things set up and hung before 2:00.  I wanted him to take a really good nap so that he’d be well rested and he wasn’t 100% his normal self.      This was good though I think because Itty Bitty could get all the attention without the distraction of a baby.       I had my brother help me with a few things, then the baby woke up and I had to nurse him and pee him.    After that I handed him off to family.    Daddy Man went for the cake and the plates  and utensils (which I forgot about — I know it’s not green but I just couldn’t deal with the dishes today), G-Ma brought the beverages, I put the spaghetti on and cut the fruit salad, and Daddy Man did the sloppy joe mix on the grill when he got back.         By the time I finished that our last guest arrived and the only child!      Yikes.    Turned out that another friend’s mom had gotten hurt and she couldn’t come either an the Only Child Guest’s sibling was sick with a 104 fever.    Poor thing.   Best laid plans seems to never work out do they?

Mini Moose needed to nurse.    Then we had a Yellow Jacket problem.   Really?     Then the kids were itching to get playing and Itty Bitty had been really patient waiting for her party guests before heading to the craft table.    I helped out with that with Mini Moose on my back because he was wanting me for a bit.  So I was eating and crafting at the same time.

Then it was cake time.

Socialize?  Whose got time to socialize!?

There was singing and eating of the much too big cake for 10 adults and two kids.   It was a really, really pretty cake though.   A twelve inch round decorated like an island and treasure map — white cake with a chocolate filling.  So cute!    So tasty!      I needed the sugar rush to keep me going.   I wasn’t even mad that it wasn’t a half white, half chocolate cake like it was supposed to be.

Finally, the kids wanted to dig for buried treasure in the sand box so I set that up because I totally forgot to bury the loot!     Sick sibling was thought of and she will be getting loot too.

We didn’t do gift openings as there were cards and everyone was needing to leave and…

Well, truth be told I forgot about our “Big Gift” in the house and we didn’t get a chance to unveil it until we were back in the house (the party was outside) and Daddy Man reminded me of it.



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