Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 214

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

He has almost learned how to flip out of the travel swing even if strapped in, so 5-10 minutes tops is tolerated and only for emergencies like unloading the car and I don’t have my wrap.

9/24 Day 214 M:   I seem to be okay today though I am really exhausted from the stress of the party and I didn’t sleep all that great last night.   The house is still a mess and I have less than zero ambition to do anything except the necessity of feeding the spawn and throwing in a quick load of diaper laundry.

We didn’t have any catches last night, just change outs.    The morning was a hit and miss but we did get a proto-poop in the toilet.     I decided to take Itty Bitty to another local library for a story hour and we were dry the whole time with two successful potty opps given.   I didn’t like this library’s story hour.  It was very chaotic and not just because it was packed.  They had a 1000 random toys out for free play which was even over stimulating for me!    If they had just scarfs, or just blocks, or balls — I think it would have been less nutballs and more fun even for the kids.     It was nothing at all like the story hour we go to on Wednesdays.       Itty Bitty was reluctant with the chaos at first and then she got the crazies and Mini Moose was just raring to go — and he can go really fast.   Anyway, we might try the music gathering to see how that goes and visit the children’s book section to play with the cool dollhouse,  but I don’t think we’ll go back to that particular story group.

Mini Moose has made some “puh puh” noises which has been fun to watch him experiment.    He has made some coincidental (I think) crawling towards the bathroom.  I’ve taken him when he’s crawled that way to pee, so even if it is totally random I guess it will reinforce the behavior so it is a win win.    He’s so intent on pulling up on EVERYTHING that it has been really trying at times.  No place is an area of non-mischief indoors or out.

When we got home it was random hits and misses and then I had to work.    Daddy Man didn’t have a pleasant night.  Mini Moose gets really mad if he has it in his head that he wants me and is inconsolable and Itty Bitty gets starved for attention to the point where she starts to do really annoying and bizarre things.

Breathe.  Just breathe.


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