Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 216

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High energy. They just don’t sit.

9/26 Day 216 W:    Prepare, this is a long one.   No Zen will be found here.

We had one good catch last night and then a bunch of misses the rest of the night…I’m talking super soakers.  Mini Moose has just been nursing all night long practically non-stop.   He’s also gotten quite aggressive with pinching and grabbing and ripping and trying everything he can to seemingly detach the nipple from my body.     He get’s mad when I don’t let him gouge me.    Too bad so sad boy!

I took the littles to our Wednesday story and craft hour and Itty Bitty had a hard time sitting still and Mini Moose was not pleased that there were so many pretty shoes he wasn’t allowed to eat.        After they made leaf Rorschach blots, Itty Bitty wanted to stay and play.    That went well for a while as she played with the girl that was there last time though neither of them wanted to take turns with the same toy train they wanted.     Each of them had an idea, too, of what the “lesser” compromise was and tried to insist that each other take the “other” train.    Oy.     Itty Bitty wasn’t going to budge and inch to the east or to the west and neither was the other girl.     It really was like watching two Zax on the Prairie of Prax stubbornly holding fast to their vision.

During the whole time we were there, Mini Moose had three successful pees in the toilet (on arrival, after story hour, and just after the Zax stand off).       I had an opportunity to talk with the other mom about what I was doing and how it was really just part of our routine and that a miss was something I strived to avoid but they happen.   She was asking about Itty Bitty, now three, who she could see wasn’t in a diaper and I explained that I had gone diaper cold turkey when she was under a year old (9 months if I recall) and we had no issues with regression that she was experiencing when her second baby came because Itty Bitty had no conscious memory of going in her diapers or pants and was out of diapers two years before the baby came so she did not associate toileting with the baby in any way.   She also sees me taking him to the toilet so for her its normal.           She wondered what she could do to help her three year old girl to make the transition out of diapers and I encouraged her to do both girls at the same time.        Which reminds me that I have to send her the links to a couple of sites to help (Oh Crap!   for the older girl and    EC Simplified for the younger).

We had to leave when Itty Bitty was making poor decisions and throwing toys.  She’d woken up early  because Daddy Man stayed home today and she was hungry because she wanted to play.  She’s gets quite cranky pants when she’s hungry and tired!

When we got home it just kind of spiraled out of control.   I suddenly felt very rundown and ill.   My body was aching, my head was pounding, and a few hours later I developed a fever.    It felt like a thousand little people were inside my head with pick-axes and vices.  It was so bad I had to take two ibruprofen and I just about never take any sort of medication.      My lack of sleep also caught up with me.   The kids were wired up and I was run down.     I tried to get Itty Bitty to nap with me because she was Destructo Girl but that went very very baddly.  The tantrum woke the baby and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.    But no…I couldn’t do that because it was time to feed Itty Bitty and I had no food in the house.     I figured getting her out would help.     Daddy Man looked panicked when I was going to leave without feeding the baby first…(who by the way wasn’t really hungry just crabby).

Dude…really?  You can’t survive forty-five minutes…     Did I mention that Daddy Man has a night full of restful, snore-filled sleep AND slept in an additional two hours AND had the house to himself when we were gone…   right.

I was so mad that I just took both kids with me and said a few choice words in my head as I got stuck behind the school buses on our street (we live between two schools).   ARRRRGH!     Before I even got to the end of the street Itty Bitty was passed out.    Gah!     So, I go around the really long block to take her back so she can stay with Daddy Man.     He’s working on one of his projects and I had to wait ten minutes for him to come get his passed out daughter and the baby was getting progressively more irritated in his carseat with the dealy.   Man I was LIVID.   I got tired of waiting so I drove off in a huff and just took them both with me.   I had the baby on my back and was carrying Itty Bitty in the story until she woke up enough to want to walk and help.

Daddy Man appears out of no where.        I guess he realized he was is deep cow dung.

I was too sick to bother to spew a few of the words on the back of my tongue.    He took Itty Bitty home in his car and I followed and made dinner.  Yeah. The sick one makes dinner.   The world is a mad mad place!    Poor Mini Moose just had one wet prefold after the other because  kept forgetting to take him to pee!  Thankfully he didn’t poop.

Itty Bitty got progressively more wired up as I couldn’t give her attention and kept yelling and grousing because my head hurt so bad.    After a stressful evening I finally was able to get Mini Moose to settle down for the night and the pounding in my head subsided enough for me to fall asleep in  fever dream.   This was around maybe 9 or 9:30.      An HOUR later Daddy Man brings a loud crying Itty Bitty into the bedroom.

I’ll let you pause here a moment to reflect upon that.

Wakes me up.  Wake up the baby.    Itty Bitty hysterical because she’s upset that I yelled at her earlier and she was scared I’d yell again.  Sigh.     Once I said that I was sorry and it was okay she stopped the crying but of course…who is ready for sleep after all that chaos?    Not I (sweating with a fever).   Daddy Man stuck around, but the damage was already done.    It took TWO hours for me to get them settled and for me to fall asleep.

So what do you think?  The rack?    Hot poker?    Itching powder in his underwear?  Tweeze his nose hairs?    What torture is fitting for Dumb Shite Husbands Do?


3 thoughts on “Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 216

  1. Oh, yes, we really are twins separated at birth! I had a raging headache the other day too! What on earth is your little man wearing?! I’m cracking up, it looks like a prefold with a chain around his waist!

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