Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 217

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Physical Challenge

9/27 Day 217 R:   Still feeling quite ill.   I don’t seem to have a fever but it was a restless night and then Mini Moose was up at the butt crack of dawn (okay, not dawn but 6:30 is darned early around these parts).   It was a night of all misses, but our morning was a pretty good fifty-fifty with several proto-poo catches in the afternoon despite my out-of-it-ness.   Hey, easier to change a damp prefold and pee a baby than to wrestle a strong wiggler into a full on diaper change.  There’s  that!    Mini Moose is also making quite the effort to go poop when he is given a potty opportunity.  Right now he clenches and farts and sometimes manages a little squirt, but we can’t seem to coordinate the Big One.

I had to work tonight and it took a lot out of me.   About an hour and a half before Daddy Man came home, I helped Itty Bitty “get the sillies out” because she was having such a hard time containing her energy and was just not listening.  I was losing my mind and lost my patience.    I couldn’t take her to a play place so we went to the back yard and I had her doing all sorts of crazy butt wiggles, head shakes, spinning, running, arm lifting,  and jumping.  Then  I’d tickle her and tell her she still had more sillies and she had to shake them out.  Then we played a game of “My Ball” where I kick it and she chases after it to keep it away from me.      Mini Moose I let wander on the grass or held him.  He didn’t want to stay on the blanket.

I was done in by the time I got to work and I left a bit early because I started feeling woozy from the lack of sleep and rest, and didn’t want to fall asleep on the drive home.

The littles napped a long time with Daddy Man and we all (except Daddy Man) went right to bed.


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