Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 218

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9/28 Day 218 F:      Happy Birthday to me!      I woke up not realizing it was my Birthday.  My brain took it upon itself to get some dreams someway, somehow despite my not getting consecutive sleep for days.    So I started having dreams with my eyes open.   I was dreaming about Itty Bitty talking to me when she was sleeping and I woke myself up by actually talking to her and telling her to stop talking!   I dreamed Mini Moose was sitting up, and I almost woke him up when I was disorientated and trying to get him to lie down…only to realize he was asleep in my armpit.   It was really bizarre stuff.    There was even one dream where I was talking to Daddy Man and telling him that I wanted to go to bed to sleep!      Another dream I was telling Daddy Man that I didn’t like our son’s name “Apple”   and I was going to call him “Moose” instead.


It was a miss fest obviously last night, but we did catch one big one.     I tried to take it easy but the kids were very exhuberent and I just was…not.    It was a good EC day nonetheless.  We used the same prefold all morning, then had two or three misses, then some good catches.   A good friend stopped by to visit and to give Itty Bitty a birthday gift.   A Melissa and Doug Airplane.  It is so cute!    The girls, of course, fought over the kitchen and some beads and then neither of them wanted to stop playing when it was time to go.   Hurts the brain!     I felt kind of weird saying it was my birthday, though I kind of wanted too, because it was nice having company on my day especially because I was kind of in sick recovery and that’s not so fun.    Why is it that adults can’t be unabashed about saying, “Hey it’s my Birthday!”    I miss that part of being young!

I think Daddy Man forgot my birthday too when he saw me in the morning, but when he got home he brought me some cards and a birthday pie.   I told him not to get me anything big for my birthday because money is not in overflow and I wouldn’t be able to get him anything nice for his.   Some years we can exchange nice gifts and other years not.   Itty Bitty, my little living birthday present,  was very excited at a birthday and sang me a Happy Birthday song with Daddy Man, but then blew out my candle!    I pouted and had Daddy Man relight it!       I remember I had hoped that when she was born it would be on my birthday so I could share it again.   I was born on my Grandfather’s birthday and I remember us blowing out candles together when I was little.   I kind of miss that.     On the other hand, I’m glad Itty Bitty has her own day.

We missed the Big Papa Poop.  Dang it.     Moose tries so hard and so do I!

Sick on my Birthday.   Bleh.


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