Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 219

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

I luff him Momma!

9/29 Day 219 S:    What a great EC night!   We had only one miss!      Daddy Man had to go into work so it was just me, the little, the laundry, and the disaster that is the house.   The house just breeds mess.     It is hard to find a balance between keeping it decent and not wasting my life on chores.

We had a decent EC morning, an after noon of some floor misses but also some great catches as Mini Moose is giving “warning pees” when he can and If I remember to take him to the potty even if he’s a little wet he’ll let some pee, some gas, and a little proto poop go.  He makes the cutest little grunts.     He’s been crawling to the bathroom a lot, but I realized he’s more interested in getting to take a bath than to use the toilet!   Boy loves his baths.    But if he crawls in there, if the gate happens to be open, I hold him to pee and usually he goes.

I still am not back to my self.  It takes so long to recover when you can’t sleep and the Littles are driving me bananas!      Itty Bitty just goes on and on and on with the talking and moving and AAAAGH!      And Mini Moose just won’t sit still!  He’s pulling up on everything, and he finds every bit of flotsam on the floor.     He even helped himself to a piece of tomato that fell on the floor, shoved it in his mouth, and promptly activated his gag reflex and made himself puke.   He lost interest and crawled away as if nothing happened.

I’m NOT counting that as his first food, dammit.

GrandMaMa came by to watch football with DaddyMan and she gave me a card with  cash which was very awesome.    I was going to just bank it and pay bills but she said for me to do something nice for myself so I’ll think on it.  Maybe I’ll buy the Sims3 expansion I’m missing and not play it?   Hah.    I miss playing!

Itty Bitty has had some restless dreams and I think I am permanently going to keep her on the side carred crib side because she’s been tossing, turning, and flailing.   She even sits up disorientated, still dreaming at times completely non-coherent.     I have to physically push her back over because she tries to crawl closer to me but can’t really judge where I am.


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