Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 220

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Life is best when you say yes to mess!

9/30 Day 220 Su:  Itty Bitty is still having these bizarre dreams.  Last night she fell asleep on a doll rattle (was it last night?  Did I mention that already?  I don’t know?) and she though she was being bitten by a dragon and was shaking and insisting something bit her.       Sometimes she likes dragons but some stuffed toys I think freak her out.      I had to show her that the doll with the rattle had a scratchy bow and that she fell asleep laying on it and that there was nothing in our room or in our bed to hurt her.   She doesn’t yet understand that her dreams are in her head and they aren’t physical.    I remember having bad dreams as a kid, but usually I was firmly discouraged from calling out so I spent many a night waking in a cold sweat and hiding under blankets and pillows even in 90 degree heat.     I’m glad I am cosleeping even if I get crabby when I get awoken abruptly, so that I can attend to Itty Bitty and reassure her.     She will grow and learn and this will pass.       I may even miss it when she stops needing me.

It  was a big EC bust last night, but we had great success even when my brother and SIL came to visit (I’m going to be an aunt to twins!)   They were a bit awe struck watching Moose potty and how he smiled big doing it.    Itty Bitty hasn’t been out for exercise in a few days and she was wired up.  She even annoyed her uncle a bit by trying to climb on him relentlessly as they watched a football game.   I had to ewmove her to talk a few times to calm her, finally despite it being damp I took he out and we blew bubbles and I set up a poster on the grass so she could paint with her feet.   We fed many mosquitoes, but she had a better energy level than nutzcrazy.   We said good bye and daddy Man came out to play ball and Moose watched on the grass.   He managed to find the last remaining young puffball mushroom in the whole yard and tried to put it in his mouth–sheesh.  I though I had found them all and removed them — no harm, daddy man saw and batted it away .

Moose has 4 outside pees, too.


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