Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 222

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We’re a duo, a duo, a pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two! Oh, a duo, it’s true-o, wherever we go, we’re going me and you!
(Fievel and Tiger from An American Tail)

10/2 Day 222 T:    Oh, yeah, we caught the Mack Daddy poop!   It doesn’t even matter that we had only one catch last night.  We got that big poo!   Mini Moose has been trying so hard to take advantage of pottytunities but a lot of the time he just produces noise and maybe a proto poo.  His grunts and huffs are so cute.

Itty Bitty is SO wired up and we just aren’t getting along.    I yell and get mad at myself because it isn’t her fault that she is a higher energy level than I am.   She’d been chatterboxing for over an hour and I finally said, “HUSH!”       And she says to me, “Mommy, that wasn’t nice.  I was talking to you!”       You know, it’s just not fair (but so eye opening with a side of crowbar to the head) when you her your own words back at you.

I replied, “Yes, you are right.  That wasn’t nice.  I shouldn’t have said that or snapped at you.  I’m sorry.”

She responds, “That’s okay, I forgive you but don’t do it again, alright?”

I am trying not to roll my eyes and smirk at her cute sassiness, “I will do my best, but what I really need right now is some quiet for a little while.  The noise is hurting my head.”

Darned if that little bit didn’t start whispering and dialed back her chatter to a reasonable amount I could handle.

Anyway, Mini Moose was just watching all of this with those adorable eyes and rapt attention.    We then left to go to the local YMCA so that I could let Itty Btty run around and get all of her pent up energy out in a safe environment.   An indoor gym with bouncy house was just easier for me to handle than spotting her on the playground.        Mini Moose even took advantage of two pee opportunities while we were there.   We saw some familiar faces too from last winter. Mini Moose was just all over the place chasing after balls with a speedy crawl.     Man…I’m going to be run ragged by these two when he starts walking!

We had several misses when we got home but nothing out of the ordinary.   Itty Bitty fell asleep on the couch with Daddy Man and I took Moose to the store with me…no diaper cover…no extra prefolds.

Mistake 1:   I didn’t pee him before we left or upon arrival.

Mistake 2:  He fell asleep and I lingered.

Mistake 3:   I didn’t take him potty when he rouse from sleep.

Mistake 4:   I ignored the leg wriggle sand the thigh clenching in the Mei Tai as he looked at me.

Obviously despite his best efforts his bladder had reached capacity.    I ot what I deserved.

Mistake 5:   I took off the soaked prefold, paid little attention to the surprisingly small wet spot on my shirt, and put him in the car seat naked without giving him a pee opportunity first.

I got what I deserved again.

And finally, I gave him a pee opportunity outside before we went in the hose and he let loose the rest he had been trying to hold.

Geeze.   Took me long enough to get the hint!


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