Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 223

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Moose the third week of September enjoying the last remnants of summer.

10/3 Day 223 W:   Last night was one of the rare nights Itty Bitty didn’t wake up distressed and dream disorientated.    Mini Moose and I had only two misses which is great, but after we woke for the day leaving Itty Bitty to sleep another hour and a half, we missed the poop even though we got a little bit in the toilet, Big Mama appeared later while he was busy pulling up and trying to furniture walk and holding on with one hand at the gate that leads towards the bathroom.    Show off.   If it weren’t for pictures, I don’t think anyone would believe me concerning the crazy physical things my children can do at young ages.

I really need to start being more consistent about introducing the potty sign for toilet so that when he’s capable he’ll do it.     I’ve just gotten into the habit of just taking him without doing much until we get there.    More vocalizations about what we are doing is important too.

I’m wondering if when he turns 8 months if I’ll be ready for the training pants shift.     Because we are using the prefold and belt (poor woman’s ecapants?) I only occasionally use training pants because they aren’t as easy to pull on and off for quick opps. I didn’t use a prefold belt with Itty Bitty so trainers were far superior.      I’ll have to consider that and perhaps it will be best to not do trainers with Moose until he is a balanced stander.

We had storytime at the library today and Itty Bitty was actually able to sit and focus.  Getting her out yesterday really helped her physical energy requirements.   She followed the musical directions, sang new songs, and did well with the paper apple craft.  She was a bit upset that we didn’t stay to play in the playroom, but my friend E and her daughter A came over to play while I got some cleaning done.    The living room just accumulated a lot of flotsam.   I didn’t get it all done, but enough to be a little more zen. I even dusted in there!    I’ll return the favor to them another day.        Mini Moose was dry the whole time until I forgot to take him pee several times while I was picking up the living room.  Oops!  I was a little off the mark.

After they left, Itty Bitty wanted to help, so I let her use a small vacuum in the kitchen and dining area. We inherited some old furniture being delivered on Friday so I wanted to take advantage of open territory now that our regular table is down the cellar.

A good day indeed.


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