Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 227

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

10/7 Day 227 Su:     I don’t remember much about last night other than some bizarre dreams about flying to New York and forgetting the kids and trying to buy Hot Chocolate (Cocoa).  I did get two catches, but there were more misses.  Moose just pees big because he’s been nursing a ton at night.  I woke draggy and dazed.

I did some chores and then Daddy Man took us out for lunch.  It was good to be waited on, though Itty Bitty was energetic and Daddy Man can get easily irritated at times.  I was smart enough to see the signs and I shared my meal with her because I knew she would not eat her own entree.   I forgot to take Mini Moose to pee twice!      We ran an errand and I got 2 bins to store sandbox toys, Daddy Man got new shoes, and Itty Bitty charmed her way into a new pair of bubble gum pink sneakers.  The sneakers that she liked best, and also offended my eyes far less with a more balanced pink combined with other colors, were unavailable in her size.

She’s three — she gets to pick.  They are her feet.

But man this “pink culture in absence of other colors” kills me.

I enticed one more errand stop out of Daddy Man who tends to get frustrated with me for lingering.  I don’t think he gets why I linger.  It’s one of the rare times I am not alone with the littles or can wander without having my radar on!   I finally got a replacement toy from one I returned from her last birthday because it was a duplicate and one additional item for her kitchen.    Funny, nothing for myself again!


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