Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 228

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

10/8 Day 228 M:    It’s Columbus Day.  A strange, unholiday.    It isn’t like the Americas were really “discovered” — the native peoples didn’t misplace it. after all!   So why do Americans celebrate the invasion of a continent, destruction, murder, and theft.   I’m not saying that the conquered didn’t have their own skeletons … I’m just saying potting pink sugar on Columbus doesn’t make the history different.

Now that that is off my chest, I did have the day (rather night) off from work.   It was rather dreary out so we stayed in.   I made some shaving cream bath paint for Itty Bitty and let her paint the bath tub with brushes after we made some shaving cream paper prints with some scrap cardstock.    I regret using cheap $1 shaving cream because you can’t  get it unscented and it REEKS.  I hate the perfume smell of products so even our daily oatmeal soap is unscented.   If I had to do it again I’d splurge the extra $3 for the unscented Aveeno shaving cream, or at the very least get something more gently scented if the unscented options were unavailable.     I also didn’t like getting it on her, tough truth be told she was so neat you’d hardly knew she was playing with it. Also, next time I’ll put a bath towel in the tub to eliminate slip issues, Itty Bitty didn’t like squatting or kneeling the whole time.  She cleaned it all p after an hour or so of play.    Kid entertained, tub washed.  Win-Win.

Not much else happened really, though we had an off night of misses and a “ridunculous” amount of pee.     Daddy Man was sweet and when he got home from work made a dinner of what I’ve named Sloppy Janes (sloppy Joe mix –pretty much a tomato base sweet ground beef mixture sweeter and thicker than chili — on garlic bread topped with a little cheese).    And, if that wasn’t awesome enough, WE CAUGHT THE POOP!

The usual missed pees were insignificant in comparison to the day’s victory.


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