Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 229

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10/9 Day 229 T:   Today I decided to screw the chores that make me moody and we were out all day.   The kids need to be out and I don’t want to see the chores ganging up on me.

We had a super soaker night again with just one catch.   I think I’m going to try the nurse ‘n pee with the bjorn again and see how that goes.  Mini Moose wants to nurse first then pee, but I tend to fall back asleep before he’s ready to pee and I miss it when hec wakes me up for it.  With Itty Bitty, by this time I was leaving her diaperless at night from time to time, but the boy bits have unpredictable range, so I’m still sumo style flat and belt with no cover.  I’ve also have cut back on diaperless time during the day indoors because of the furniture walking Mini Moose does (he’s also recently learned to click his tongue, say bababababa, and make whawha noises with his arm by flicking his wrist — adorable).  With a girl pee just puddles, with a boy depending on how it decides to hang or stick, pee could end up anywhere.  Sometimes he wiggles so much he ends up with his penis tucked up between the prefold and belt aimed straight up at his face!

We missed half the poop, but on the other hand we had no misses the entire time we were out of the house.  We had a pee before leaving, a pee an hour after arrival at the kid gym where we saw our new friend M. and her girls, we peed just before leaving to go to a playground even though it was nippy (chilly) out!  Itty Bitty still had big energy after the gym closed at 2:30.    We stayed out an hour or hour and a half, then went to the nearby library to play and warm up, had a pee just before leaving..

By the time we got home 15 minutes later both kids were passed out.  As I contemplated my options, Daddy Man arrived and we drove off to let the kids sleep.  We indulged in very, very bad fast food.   I got a stomach full of rumbles, aches, and regret!

I was quite sad to return home where the chores were waiting.  The big downer is the room I worked so hard to clean a month ago is once again cluttered with two empty boxes, a mis-delivered chair, and an unexpected antique armoire.

I told Daddy Man that I decided to quit and become a hoarder!


2 thoughts on “Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 229

    • I work only part-part time so I am home during the day. It is just too much for one person and since I’ve been “on strike” and decided to just “become a hoarder” 🙂 He’s actually done a few more chores. Enough to take a few things off the neverending list. Every little bit is a big help!

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