Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 230

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10/10 Day 230 W:  Yikes.   We went to a mad crazy storytime today that was very over crowded, rowdy and very not calming.   We did get to see M. and Itty Bitty gave the 3 year old girl a going away present (a multi-colored dyed pasta necklace we made yesterday).  We will see them next year as they are going back home to California before it gets too cold.   The craft today was Kitty Masks and the story was the 3 Little Kittens — unfortunately there wasn’t enough craft materials to go around so Itty Bitty didn’t get to make a mask, but the StoryLady gave her the sample and Itty Bitty happily stuck on a pink, triangle nose on the back of it, and drew three whiskers on each side  and a mouth, all by herself and decided to draw her own ears since no ear triangles were left.  I had on a smile and a proud.  She’s been working on straight lines and she made some complete small circles (even if more amoeba than circles) for ears.   Aww!

In other good news is that despite a mountain of pee last night and all misses, we had a brilliant day of catches.   We even scored half a poop. Alas, we id miss a stealth poop i the evening…boo!

It rained all day long!  We took a much too long drive through major construction to a playgroup after story time.    It was cold, wet, and while I got to see some familiar faces it was really hard to socialize.  I have great difficulty in crowded cacophany and I have to make efforts to engage with people.   Itty Bitty on the other hand, gets too wired up when there are a million toys lying around.  I watched her make “grand rounds” of the room at least twice before settling on a kitchen set.    She was quite content doing her own focused play until boy wanted to play too, but Itty Bitty had already staked out her territory.   It was like a Wild Kingdom episode.   I had to twice vocally head off a kick and a shirt pull.   I try not to interfere too much, but i draw the line at physical aggression.    I’m finding this territorial behavior quite difficult to understand and work with.    Moose decided to limit his exploring and was content  with a couple of toys and a nurse.  He had a pee when we arrived and one outside near the car in a puddle because I forgot o take him to the toilet before leaving.   Itty Bitty had a really hard time when we left.  She fretted over a rainbow beach chair that got left at our house that I gave back to the ownet, and she thought I gave our smaller stripped beach chair away!     She was crying over it, then she freaked out over wet pine needles thinking they were going to move.   All this in the rain!  I had to take time to show her they were just brown, pointy leaves and then convince her that it was not our chair I gave away.  Then I realized she was also hungry and thirsty.  By the time I was able to get us sandwiches she was passed out in her carseat!

Later, at home, I found a Cat in the Hat book and Itty Bitty was excited to be read to by Daddy Man and me.   We’ve always read to her, though not everyday and we rarely get to finish a story.   It’s nice to see her recognizing the story and also remembering the very clever theatre production we’ve seen on Netflix.   Daddy Man said, “You know as a kid I thoght the xat was fun, but now he seems like a big jerk.”   Perspective changes things I guess!     I then pointed out how I never realized that Goldilocks was a vandal and committed a Breaking and Entering!

I spent the next hour cleaning some old, inherited cowboys and indian plastic figures that quite reek of mold.  I figure they could finish their toy life in the great big sandbox, or if they could not be salvaged they’d be put on the curb for recycling or free-cycling.     I even let Daddy Man live after he balked about a few spots of water on the table that escaped the fluffy towel.      I said, “Is this going to be a using table or looking table…because if it is for looking bring our old  table back up, if it is for using, it’s going to get liquid on it sometimes!”        Really, he wiped it off with Itty Bitty’s pants!

On another thought, I think I’ve been frowning a lot lately as Itty Bitty has been asking me every day, “Are you happy?”  Crap.     I’m trying!

Okay, plan…

Screw the house, become a hoarder.
Become Mary Poppins
Sell Children to Circus
Shave cats bald
Tie husband to table

Impractical, you say?    Oh, alright.

Pick one  or two chores a day and see how that goes.  Use child labor if possible.
Smile more despite the waning sunlight hours.
Keep getting the kids and myself out.
Get out by myself for a couple of hours once a week so I can recharge


2 thoughts on “Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 230

  1. I like your first plan ;). Sounds like daddy man deserves to be tied to the table if he loves it that much. This is one reason we still have a super cheap wobbly table made of plastic. Haha

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