Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 231

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Local town libraries have been invaluable resources for out-of-home activity especially on a cold, wet day.

10/11 Day 231 R:   Our night catches continue to be hit and miss and last night was more miss than hit.      I’ve got an annoying headache and I’m really drained of energy.    It’s not particularly bright out either plus it’s cold and rainy, which doesn’t help the energy level.

I caught a really big pee an hour after we woke up and then it was a bunch of misses all morning because I just couldn’t get in synch.     I decided to take Itty Bitty to a library (not our usual one) that had a music gathering, but when I got there it turns out it was last week and only occurs once a month on the first Thursday.  My plan was thwarted, but they had a very nice play area in the Children’s Library so we stayed and Itty Bitty had  a grand time playing with it, though when another little girl showed up things got a quite territorial.  It was like watching and episode of National Geographic where the female is establishing territory using arm blockades.         Itty Bitty has gotten to the age where she is getting more aggressive about territory especially since she’s been on the receiving end of similar behavior.      Taking turns becomes an attempt to convince the other party to take a less popular toy.   Can’t say that the littles aren’t clever.

Mini Moose refused two potty opps but stayed dry and on our third potty opportunity after a grocery store run he finally peed though because we were already outside and ready to go, I had to pee him in the grass.      Itty Bitty had bit of a freak out because it was drizzling and the worms were out for a party.  She was both fascinated and scared by the “Wormies”.  I had to shrug off my own aversion to picking up slimy wiggly things to…PICK UP A WORM WITH MY BARE HANDS…and show her that it wouldn’t hurt her and that it was okay to touch it.   The girl was shaking from both fear and excitement and hesitantly touched it with a finger and acted like she got jolted with electricity!      We continued this interplay for about 10 minutes when I finally had to let the worm go explaining that it needed to be wet and had to go home or it’d get sick.     She cried!     She didn’t want the worm to go home, she wanted to touch it…but not touch it!       She was quite unreasonable for thirty minutes and I also knew she was hungry, and she get’s difficult when she’s hungry.     Before we even got halfway home both of them were passed out in the car.

I had to get home so I could pump for work tonight.     It was a bit of a crank fest but I set up the rice box in the house to appease Itty Bitty who wanted to play in the sandbox.     I gave her some of the cleaned up, inherited miniature farm critters, random cowboys and indians and a few spoons and cups to play with.  She just dumped them all in and amused herself for quite a while.

When I got home from work, I was in such excrutiating pain!   I had run out of my usual cheap stretched out bras (I’m on laundry strike if you remember) and I had to put on one that was a little snug.  Darn my girls were looking lifted and 20 years younger!     I guess it was too tight and I got a nasty plugged duct in my right breast in just the three hours I was wearing it.     It felt like I had marbles in my breast, it felt bruised, and the ache went all the way around to my shoulder blade and up my neck.   Ouch!

I pumped, nursed Moose, had Itty Bitty Nurse, then pumped, then Moose, then pumped, then Moose, then hot shower and hand expression, then back to Moose, then Itty Bity…

It would not unclog!

Finally, at around 3AM I could see a bubbling, sore white blister on my nipple and it just REFUSED to release so I had to touch it lightly with a clean pin and FINALLY I got sweet, sweet relief.   I nursed Moose again and though it was still quite sore I was able to sleep a little.



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