Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 232

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10/12 Day 232 F:   Happy 89th Birthday to my GrandMa!

Diaper cover because we are out, but he was dry the whole 2 hours with pee break halfway.

After we called to sing Birthday wishes, I just took it easy because my head was still hurting and I was exhausted from the night’s ordeal.   We did have two catches though..I can’t even think about  not trying because it is such a habit now!

Itty Bitty was rowdy and our friend E. called to see if I wanted to go to a Pilates class.  I declined but we decided to meet up at the Kid’s Gym after.   It was really hard to get out of the house.   And I realized that Mini Moose has only one long sleeve shirt that fits and he wore it yesterday!  Itty Bitty was rambunctious and Moose was Cling Crab.   This is why Itty Bitty left the house with backwards pants and shoes on the wrong feet!   She got dressed and that’s all that mattered.   I told her thank you for her thoughtfulness with helping me with the door (I made no mention about the pants until hours later and she chose not to fix them right away).  Moose peed before we left and that was a plus.

I stopped to pick up some homemade chili from a neighborhood hot dog truck called the Dogfather knowing Itty Bitty would be a starving bear after her workout and it would be cool enough to eat by then.    We saw some familiar faces and a couple of new ones.      Normally, I try my best to let the Littles work out most issues unless it looks like there is going to be hitting, pinching, hair pulling, scratching, or other such injuries.   Same-age quibbles about shirt pulling, hand yanking, age appropriate squabbles over space and toys, and some wrestling I tend to let go or observe from a distance to see how it plays out.    It is very hard though when other parents interfere constantly and you feel like you have to intervene just to keep them away from your little.   The mom of a boy who was about a year older kept interrupting though it seemed to me that the boy didn’t seem to mind Itty Bitty pulling his arm to invite him to play.  Itty Bitty is a child who likes and invites physical play — and she likes to hold hands, wrestle, and hug.   I don’t see anything wrong with that, but she’s three and doesn’t always use her vast vocabulary to ask/invite and doesn’t always “get” why other kids aren’t as energetic.

It was quite refreshing when the mom of the regular was so nonchalant about a running, head bumping crash our two running girls got into as one was coming out of the tunnel and another going in.   I was more worried and stressed about parental reactions than the bump the crying girls got.    Five minutes later after 5 seconds of gym provided ice packs, the girls went right back to playing as if nothing had happened and their tears not even dried on their cheeks.

Mini Moose let go an explosive poop in the bathroom partway through playtime, yay!   Itty Bitty ate the entire half quart of chili (good grief, thank EC that output will go straight into the toilet!) before we left and Moose I had to pee in the grass outside my car because I forgot to stop at the bathroom after lunch and I knew he couldn’t wait.   We again had 7 plus hours using the same prefold!

We then caught a small poop and home, and a huge unexpected poop after Daddy Man got home.   Woo Hoo!   We had some pee misses after that, but that’s normal for us.


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