Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 234

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Hey, Sis. You aren’t going to finish that pancake are you?

10/14 Day 234 Su:  No misses last night!   I still am not well rested but this too shall pass.  Moose woke after the first 3 hours and did a nurse and pee, the he woke and nursed 2 hours after that dry and not needing to pee, and 2 hours after that he needed to pee big and nursed big too.    We didn’t have any misses until 5AM and the each hour until I decided to get out of bed at 8AM when I realized it was raining and all the cleaned toys that were outside were getting soaked (they are very old!).

I spread two towels and am trying to wrangle a very angry Moose who is delighted with the look of the choking hazards while I set them out to dry.   Among the flooded was an old 1972 Mattel Putt Putt Wood train, Ideal Toys 1974 Friction Car, a 1950s Marx Toys Lazy Day Farm and Fort Apache, various 1970s Fischer Price Little People, some die cast cars, army men, and other figures.    Daddy Man was awakened by the commotion of an excited Itty Bitty and mad moose.

He didn’t look like he went to bed at a reasonable hour!

I finished sorting while he had the littles and then he went to get us some muffins while I fed Moose.   We had misses left and right and only a couple of catches.     We didn’t really synch up until after Moose took a nap (Daddy Man took a 3 hour nap in the meantime).     Itty Bitty amused herself with some of the “new” old toys, but was still vying for some attention so when Daddy Man got up she ponced on him immediately and I told them to play with Fort Apache to see how it held up.    They got the bright idea to knock over the figures with water so I spread open one of the towels from earlier and Itty Bitty was pleased with the game.

I got many after nap pees and missed the poop.  Dagnabbit!

Dinner:  Bucket ‘o Chicken

Bad I know, I know.  I’m trying to do a sanity reset though!


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