Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 235

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Leg Warmer Season!

10/15 Day 235 M:   We had a night full of misses but also a morning full of catches, well, except for a “Really!?” Poop.   The R!?P is the poop where you take them to the bathroom and hold them over the toilet and they fart so much it echos off the bowl.  You wait a minute for them to finish grunting and then decide you are tired of breathing in farts and have to pee yourself before your eyeballs float away o you back teeth.   So you replace the prefold, put the baby down, and try to have a nice solo bladder emptying moment.   Just as you are in the middle of your moment getting ready to sigh with happy relief, your baby is staring at you with big, Kewpie eyes and “bbrrrrrrrraaaaappppppptttttt”.     And you stare back and say, “Really!?”

And if that wasn’t confounding enough, and hour or two later one of our cats knocked over my freshly pumped 4.5 ounces of milk (a fantastic morning haul from Turbo Boob) which I needed for work tonight.   I can only pump exactly what I need!   My best output is first thing in the morning, only one side produces for the pump, my single electric is on its last legs, and afternoons usually nothing or very little.     The only thing that saved me was a 2 ounce pump output from Thursday when I got home from work and was engorged.  Oh, I was so mad!    The cat knew it too and she slunk off upstairs to pout and nap the day away.

Today’s chore was:  clear counters while wearing Mini Moose on my back which was 50% successful for the chore and 100% successful nap and EC

Itty Bitty was very attention clingy and then took an early 1:00 nap after her several attempts to make sit on her sleeping brother and to incessantly roll herself burrito in the blanket I was using.  Looking back, I think she just wanted to cuddle close, but makes bizarre decisions when she’s sleepy.   I felt bad for snapping at her, but now I know hat she was attempting.

Daddy Man was home early so I got to take a long shower before work.  He plead with me to pump again and wasn’t convinced that I couldn’t produce any ore after managing to get 2 more ounces earlier.   Four ounces for the 4 hours I was gone would have to do!     GMa came to visit so Itty Bitty got one-on-one attention which was great.  When I got home Daddy Man said he caught a big poop after a fart waning!  Yay!   On the downside GMa got peed on BIG.   We need to remind her to put him down or give him a pee break every 45 minutes to an hour.   Because she was soaked, he HAD been holding it a while.


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