Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 236

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Working Together

10/16 Day 236 T:   Fantabulous EC night with no misses!    Though the reason is 80% because Mini Moose only needed to wee three times from 11:30 until 8AM when we got up because he didn’t nurse quite as much.

Today’s chore:  Clear Mount Doom  (aka laundry).

So there’s been a leaning tower of laundry in the living room for a week and a growing mountain on an overflowing laundry basket that I had separated into piles of  lights, whites and darks while fending Mini Moose off the catfood bowl with a foot two days ago and left them there in the hall.     I set my watch for thirty minutes and went to task putting a load in the washer and folding the laundry pile in the living room.   I tried to go fast before Mini Moose got tired of eating a sock and before Itty Bitty woke up at 9:30.

Today’s outing:  Operation Outfit (Moose has no winter outerwear and no long sleeve shirts or hats that fit properly)  and Kid’s Gym

While I know there are a few long sleeve shirts in Itty Bitty’s baby thing, mostly their sizes are opposite seasons at this age.   The two hats we have are knit and fit, but get pulled off with no chin strap.   Itty Bitty has a sweatshirt that is too small for her but really big on him.   We did score big at Children’s Place with 2 long sleeve thermal tees, 2 long sleeve regular tees, 2 fleece outerwear (one for this year and one bigger for next or for layering), 2 fleece hats with ear flaps and chin strap, and one long tee for Itty Bitty — all for 54 US dollars after markdown and discount coupon.  Go me!    I got one size larger so the thermals and tees should last the whole fall, winter and spring!

Itty Bitty was starved by the time we were done and Moose napped in the Mei Tai and car the whole time.   I stopped to pick up some homemade chili for Itty Bitty on the way to the gym.   She got out some energy which was good, but then drank water too fast and gave herself a belly ache — poor thing!

Moose had a bathroom potty opp and an outside wee then a pee at home.   Darned if the boy didn’t stealth poo me again!  But we used maybe 4 prefolds all evening which is great so…bam!

I also have to say that this new one or two chores a day is really helping me destress.  I know that some rare people delight in chores, but for me the mundane, the monotony, the tedious nature of the same routine day-in and day out  like Sisyphus eternally doomed — makes me seriously depressed.   I need to know that my life isn’t going o be wasted on dust, scum, scuzz, and drier lint.   Sure, I get that my modern environment means I don’t have to forage, build a shelter, or watch out for predators…BUT that how I am biologically built.  THAT is what comes natural.  I am not made to endure vacuum tedium which produces neither the hormone of love nor the hormone of energetic rush.   It doesn’t even get the happy glee hormone.

Viva La Strike!

Oh, and when Daddy Man got home he picked up one of the two remaining laundry piles and attempted to put it in the wash and switch the clothes from washer to drier ,but the drier was being a stupid non-drying beast.   But just the attempt without being asked took away such a big load of stressed that I practically skipped down the cellar later to switch the clothes.


2 thoughts on “Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 236

  1. Haha, i totally get you on the chores… My mountain of doom never seems to get any smaller no matter how much laundry i do! Our drier stopped drying, too, about 3 months ago, so I was hanging everything on the balcony for the longest time. Blahhh

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