Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 237

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Mini Moose will soon have the strength to climb up there with Itty Bitty.

10/17 Day 237 W:   Our night was a bust as far as catches since I was practically in a sleep coma.   Mini Moose was either wet when he woke me up, or I would wake up, note he was dry and must need to go, and then dream I pottied him already!  Freaky.

Itty Bitty slept in so I made Mini Moose a water soda bottle with bits of odds and ends I found while doing a quick pickup.  After Itty Bitty woke up and got dressed, I was about to leave the house on time to make it to story hour early when Mini Moose crawls into the bathroom distressed (he had already had two big pees in the toilet that morning ) and I see that he’s had a big orange poo.  Nooooooo!

We were five minutes late sinceI had to wash Mini Moose’s butt in the bathroom sink.  It was not a cloth wipe situation!

After story hou and finger painting, we went to lunch on the way to a playdate across town.  So from 10:30 to 3:30 we had no misses, two outside pees, and three bathroom pees.    We got home around 4:00 and I parked in my driveway and let them sleep for an hour and a half and I just sat in the car and twiddled my thumbs ans daydreamed.     Moose had a pee in the bathroom after he woke up and Itty Bitty (the neverending pit of energy) wanted to go outside to play!      I complied reluctantly.  I was tired and it was getting cold as the sun was going down.     I think this time I was the one who was whining!    I moaned, “Aren’t you tiiiiiiired?  I’m exhausted!  We’ve been out all daaaaaay.  I want to go in the hooooouse, it’s cold sweetie!”

Not my finest moment, but in my defense I think Daddy Man gave me a cootie and everyone napped except me!    I couldn’t nap in the car because there was a dude mowing the school grass right beside the house.   My kids can sleep through noise, but I can’t fall asleep with it.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was a 60:40 catch rate.  Daddy Man and Itty Bitty did the recycling chore so I didn’t have to!   YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Today’s chore:   wash laundry and diaper laundry
Unexpected chore:   litter boxes  (gross-a-roo)


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