Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 238

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Covered for going out on errands another day.

10/18 Day 238 R:  I think Daddy Man gave me cooties again.  My throat is scratchy and I’m stuffy…so is Itty Bitty.       We only had one miss last night and three catches!   Yah!     On top of that we had a really big morning wee catch after we got up.

Because I am unsure of our cootie status, we did not go to the Kid’s Gym today.  Itty Bitty’s nose has been less than pretty looking and I don’t think it is nice to leave snot all over play equipment.     We stayed in and I gave her a narrow neck glass bottle for the rice box and she amused herself for quite some time filling it and emptying it. burying a one eared ceramic bunny figurine and “cooking”.   Mini Moose was quite tired and clingy from his long night of nursing.

Boy, this nipple bleb is such a pain in my life.   Ugh!

It was quite funny when Itty Bitty, exhausted from trying to get more attention from a very, very tired mommy was “reading” a book on the stairs and prompty fell asleep!     She woke up a little disorientated and quite surprised that she’d been accosted by the sandman.   Mini Moose chose that time to wake up so I didn’t get the nap I was hoping for!

He also pooped FOUR times.   We caught one, but the other three were very unexpected poop grenades.  I’m not sure where he was hiding it.   He does try to produce when I potty him, but he doesn’t quite have it mastered yet.  Oh well, at least the biggest one went in the toilet.   Our catch rate otherwise was pretty typical 70:30      Our pee misses, by the way, aren’t always full misses.  More often than not he might pee a little and then we catch the rest in the toilet.

Today’s Chore:  Dishes and Quick sweep floor
Dinner:  Organic Macaroni and Cheese and Bone In Chicken Breast in convection oven.


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