Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 239

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 8:  Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

10/19 Day 239 F:  Another night EC success.   We only had one miss and if I recall correctly two big wee catches.    Big wee wee means his bladder is quite empty and he doesn’t need to pee again so soon.    I’m a bit stuffy sounding but this cootie seems to be very mild and a minor annoyance so far.   Itty Bitty’s nose is better today and Mini Moose seems totally unaffected.

Itty Bitty has usually been sleeping in an extra hour to hour and a half, but today both of them were ready at 8:30AM.   A good thing, since Daddy Man accidentally shut off his alarm instead of hitting snooze and I had to wake him to go to work.   He’s got a scratchy throat too but none the worse for wear.

I decided to go to a Friday story hour at our usual library just to get Itty Bitty out for an hour.    It is very cold and rainy out.    There was songs to sing and a Halloween craft.   I think it is supposed to be an hour but it seemed to zip by in the 40 minutes we were there so I think they didn’t realize the pacing.   Daddy Man cam home early by about three hours and he spent the late afternoon playing with a delighted Itty Bitty who at one point pet him and say, “I missed you Daddy.  You go at work.   You play with me?”   Mini Moose was happy just crawling around finding bits on the floor and then later destroying an apple core.

Our outing was dry.   At home, there were three poops today and three misses.    We caught a lot of pee, but also missed several little ones and a big after nap one.   Totally my fault, I made the mistake of trying to entice more sleeping and he had to pee…so he did what I encouraged.  Went back to sleep just after peeing on me.  He woke up in the first place for a reason, duh!

I finally got a chance to blog a review of the L’il Baby Chaps by EC Wear today too.

Today’s Chore:   Litter Box (again), clean stove top, sweep floor (necessary to get up all the rice box rice off the floor)


2 thoughts on “Month 8: Climbing and Pulling Mischief – Day 239

  1. Oh, I’m really a sleep deprived zombie! I do read your son’s blog, just didn’t realise it was separate! Like I always say, baby brain doesn’t end with he pregnancy!

  2. P.S. I’ve made the entice back to sleep mistake with newbie too many times! I was able to do it a lot when my daughter was older, and now I forget with a little one… Means a tiny bladder!

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