Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 242

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10/22  Day 242 M:   Mini Moose is officially 8 months old and we begin our journey into month 9.   Wait.  What!?

Pause for bittersweet tears.  My babies grow too fast!   I swear in another life I must have had a Dugger uterus because despite all the lost sleep I could have many more babies.  If reincarnation exists I so want to be female again and reproduce like mad.  Hear that universe?   I want to be reincarnated as a birthing goddess incarnate.

Got all the pees again last night!  Daddy Man was feeling poorly so he took the day off, but he did join us in bed for about 40 minutes to socialize before I and the kids got up and he passed out snoring like a lumberjack barely two minutes later.    The cats wanted a piece of me today on top of the needy Littles.    I sat with them a while, nursed the baby a thousand times, I gave Mini Moose a potty break but he produced only a trickle, then as they seemed to want to play together I took the opportunity to clean the bathroom.   Daddy Man cleaned the toilet the other day but I needed to do the floor, sink, the outside of the bowl, and the shower.     Itty Bitty announces a few minutes later that, “the baby pooped”.   I managed to clean him up, then get the bathroom all done, but not before Itty Bitty managed to close Mini Moose’s fingers in a cabinet door (not hard, just enough to make him irritated) in an attempt to keep him out of mischief.     I consoled and went back to finish the half done floor and Mini Moose was mad.  This commotion woke up Daddy Man and as soon as he picked him up, he said he peed.  Oops!

Daddy Man had a few things to do outside and I went outside with the boy on my back to clean out my car since we are selling it.  I am inheriting my husband’s jeep and he upgraded to a used Durango SUV so we can have room to carry passengers and items without having to contemplate strapping someone to the hood.   My car is just too small with two car seats and Daddy Man only fits in the driver’s side not the passenger side because the seat needs to be all the way forward to accomodate Itty Bitty’s car seat.   It’s a Saturn and it’s got 154,000 miles and though it is in really good condition (air condition/heat works, minimal rust, and a strange random service light that seems to come without reason), sounds like a truck, and I had planned to drive it until things started needing duct tape — it makes sense to trade up.   I paid 2100 for the Saturn 3 years ago, so I did get my money’s worth after my previous Saturn had a very unfortunate run in with a very heavy tree limb that decided to relocate on the roof.

That chore took a good two hours.  Mini Moose napped the whole time on my back.     I found my missing red umbrella!   There was so much stuff from work on the floor in the back floors that they still looked pristine clean!   I had some irritation with the missing extension to the shop vac…you know the piece that extends the hose and has a wide nozzle attachment so you don’t break your back trying to vacuum on your hands hand knees?   Yeah, that part.    “Honey, where’s the hose attachment?”    Daddy Man, “What hose attachment?”      I explain, and he says, “I didn’t know it had that.  I don’t know.”      I sign, “But it was attached the last time I used it and it was in the cellar.”              Altogether now with me, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!   Daddy Man and Itty Bitty played in piles of leaves in the back while I finished up.

Anyway, the car had only been posted up for less than 24 hours and tons of people wanted to grab it.   A few tried to lowball inquiries.  One serious contender brought his mechanic friend to come see it and SOLD.       They’ll come back another day to pay and pick it up.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful as I had to finish pumping for work and that’s where I was the rest of the evening.    There were a lot of misses after Mini Moose woke up from his nap but still it was a good day for EC.


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