Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 244

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Last ride

10/24  Day 244 W:   Last night was an all catch despite the fact I was dreaming with my eyes open so I had a lot of disorientation every time the baby woke me up.   I kept seeing Itty Bitty sitting up even though she was lying down asleep or Mini Moos on my left when he was on my right.

We had story hour today and though it was nice to get out and Itty Bitty really enjoyed, she was fidgety.   I just didn’t have the energy to take them to the gym later and it was overcast and cold.  We also had an off day as far as catches.   Don’t get me wrong, we had catches but I was doing things like forgetting to take Mini Moose to pee even after a miss because he almost always finishes what he is holding back.  I also lingered after naps and missed one of those which hasn’t happened in months!

The house is a bit of a disaster.   Itty Bitty’s nose is producing the nastiest snot I’ve ever seen.   Gag.

And today was our last jaunt in my car.   It was sold and I’m kind of feeling weird about it and I don’t know why.  It is my second car, but I guess I don’t like learning the quirks of a new vehicle.   I get used to the sounds, the rattles, and vibrations.    I don’t really care for the “new” and get settled into a nest.   Anyway, I now have Daddy Man’s jeep and I spent half an hour transferring the car seats.  Mini Moose was crabtastic.   Daddy Man was a sweetheart and put the plates on for me and took out my radio and put the stock one back, then he brought me a slushie.

Today’s Chore:  Thhhhhbbbblllt


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