Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 246

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity


10/26  Day 246 F:   I was awaked at 12:30 when Daddy Man  brought me Mini Moose who was restless and a little stuffy in the nose.  After two hours I gave up trying to sleep and left Itty Bitty and Daddy Man sleeping peacefully while I grumpily did the dishes, swept the floor, picked up flotsam, put the recycling out, and folded laundry until 3:30 AM when Mini Moose finally fell asleep on my back.  We even had a big pee catch.    I went to bed and didnt’ fall asleep until4:30am

Everyone, including Mini Moose was ready to go at 8:30.  Sigh.

I decided to suck it up and go get my new ride registered.  We were done just in time to also make story hour at 11am (it took us 25 minutes to drive there).  Then we came home because I was beat.    We had all catches from the time we got up until we got home.   Then Mini Moose stealth pooped.   But, thankfully, that wasn’t all of it.  He put the rest of the Big Papa Poo in the toilet about an hour later.  Whew!

We even all managed to take a nap together.  Mini Moose had a 3 hour nap (he peed twice after a short stir and I just did a quick change out without moving him much because I’m talented like that) , Itty Bitty 2 hours, and mommy an hour…but I take what I can get!

I’m tired but not quite as foggy as I think I should be.  I expect it will catch up with me tomorrow.


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