Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 247

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Beautiful Autumn Day

10/27  Day 247 S:  The day started off pretty typical.  We had all catches last night (though he only peed three times before we got up so he doesn’t need to go as often making catches easier!)       Daddy Man and I took the Littles outside while we raked up the carpet of leaves because it was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and a wonderful display (however, we always have more leaves in our yard than could possibly come from our trees — we have a leaf vortex.)        It was a wonderful afternoon of tree peeing (twice) and leaf eating for Mini Moose, and leaf jumping for Itty Bitty.      Because it was so nice, Daddy Man suggested we take Itty Bitty back to the local farm for another round of corn maze, bouncy house, slide, and a hay ride.

We had just one miss all day until the evening when we just kept missing left and right.

We were all fine sitting on the couch watching TV when it just got all Psycho.

Our Girl Kitty is a lap kitty but doesn’t care for he unpredicability of Littles and usually keeps her distance, walks away, or on rare occasion hisses to warn if she can’t easily walk away from them. She’s never scratched any of us purposely. It was just one of those things.  Boy kitty had been annoying  Girl Kitty and she was in a foul temper. We were all on the couch, she was dozing in her usual spot behind my head, she woke up and WHAP (I’m guessing she got startled) clawed Mini Moose in the face right over his left eye.   It bled.  I had an adrenalin rush of mommy panic as I washed it and whatnot.  The bleeding stopped rather quickly and Mini Moose stopped crying after two minutes and acted like nothing had happened.   His parents were quite shaken.   We’ve not trimmed Gilr Kitty’s claws in a while so they were extra sharp and I don’t think it would have been quite as bad had they been blunted.    Had I been alone I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Emergency Room.   His eye looked pretty go after and hour, cornea just fine, no swelling.  But we were there for three and a half HOURS just to get a small tube of topical antibiotic.      The bill will likely be at least $3000.    Oh, and we had to pay for parking…there is no “free parking” anywhere within a reasonable walking distance to the huge hospital complex.

I’ll stop there as I can go on for pages and pages about the insanity, waste, and cost gouging that is the US health care system.

Anyway, we got home close to 1:30 in he morning.    Mini Moose seems none the worse for the experience.    We even had 3 catches.   I guess we get in sync during trying times.


One thought on “Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 247

  1. Wow, that is completely crazy! I hate the US health system too. It only revolves around the fear of being sued. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the ER for something like that either, but I know my husband would have wanted to, and I would have ended up going just for him. I guess it’s better safe than sorry though… Glad to hear that it wasn’t serious

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