Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 250

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

A long walk home uphill!

10/30  Day 250 T:  We lost cable and internet Monday night, but we were extraordinarily lucky in not losing power nor getting any flooding.   We were on the edge of the hurricane so got lots of bluster but no significant damage through the City.  A few power outages in some areas and a couple of downed trees in some areas.    We were cut off from communications because our phone is bundled with our cable and internet.   It did take me a couple of hours to realize that the radio still worked.   Funny how easy it is to become dependent in information at your fingertips!

I still have to take care of my Jeep.    I decided to take the kids for a ride to where I work but it was closed of course.  So I took my Jeep to have it fixed so I can pass sticker inspection.  Technically I have until the 31st to have it inspected but the storm kind of threw a kink in things.    I brought it to a local garage and broke out the jogging stroller.   I put Mini Moose in it (I did bring my Kozy Mei Tai just in case) and we walked back.    I had Itty Bitty walk the easy part with me and then let her ride as I pushed them up the hill.     Our hill is a BRUTAL climb.   But it was actually quite sunny and pretty warm as we walked and it didn’t start raining until a couple of hours after we got home.      Itty Bitty was tired enough to take a nap!   Mini Moose was unimpressed with the ride and looked so bored even with his sister riding with him.   I had to keep having her get out at intervals so I could make it up some parts of the hill without having to try so hard!    I am out of shape for sure.

We were dry the whole time except for the last part where I was just taking Mini Moose out and he peed before I could get him ready.  The rest of the day and evening was pretty uneventful.   We went over to visit the neighbor across the street.  FedEx left a package out in the rain (a gift from a friend of GrandMaMas that sent Halloween shirts and two books Stellaluna and The Very Hungry Caterpillar).  Daddy Man came home and he told me about what was going on with the storm aftermath in New York and Connecticut that he was able to view at work.


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