Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 251

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Tink and the Little Blue Monster

10/31  Day 251 W:  Happy Halloween!     We got power back today.  Last night I charged up my Kindle and fell asleep after reading only a short time.    Mini Moose and I had one catch and all misses last night.  I think we were both just restless.  On a happier note though, Itty Bitty woke up first, grabbed one of her new books, went back to her spot in bed and amused hersel

f  until I woke up.     This made for a very happy mommy!

On an unhappy note I got a first call from the Garage and it is going to cost $750 to fix it to pass inspection.  OUCH.  Something about hoses, and O2 sensor, and some other flapdoodle thingamawhatsit that needs replacing.

I called Daddy Man to let him know the phone was back and to pout about the cost.   Of course, I KNOW, that other people have big problems like having no house and all their belongings swept away and their neighborhood under sand and water.     This is just an annoyance and we are very aware of how fortunate we are.     Still, finances are a consideration for our family so…I didn’t dwell, but it did sting my bank account.  I should have it back by Thursday afternoon they said.

I didn’t even get to see the devastation that the storm left until after I had that all sorted and was able to browse the internet.    The evacuation protocols saved many lives.    And I have to commend those in charge for taking the warnings seriously.  Though Daddy Man said that Atlantic City didn’t fully evacuate and that was a big mistake.

Then I got distracted from that by the biggest missed Mack Daddy Poop EVER.     It was orange, thick, copious and Mini Moose let it out silently while I was turned away and he was busy near the Poop Chair (he likes to pull up on it and play with the dangling toys).    I hear a squidgy noise and look over to see the pooptacular mess.     It was so copious I HAD to give him a bath and it turned the tub orange!   Eww!   Man, it’s bad enough to miss a poop if you catch it right away it isn’t bad.  But a big one that you don’t see within the first few seconds…that’s just not right!  At least I’m thankful it wasn’t in a traditional diaper because that would have been one of those epic blow outs that would have ended up behind his ears.

As for our city in the aftermath of the storm, things are moving along as usual.  Schools are open and Halloween festivities commences.    I got the kids dressed, Itty Bitty glittered with make up, her favorite silver sparkle shoes, fairy dust and we went trick or treating in our neighborhood (She’s been a Green Baby Dragon 2009, a Football Cheer Leader 2010, and Destructo Girl 2011.  Technically Mini Moose was a ghost last year since he was making my costume fat and billowy).     Daddy Man handed out candy and I took both Littles with me.    I totally forgot a costume for myself so I had to swipe Itty Bitty’s Pirate hat and eye patch.     It wasn’t as ridiculously warm as last year but it was crisp and cool and not too terribly cold.    Itty Bitty ran down and up the hill the whole time so she was plenty warm, and Mini Moose was in the furry costume so was even a little hot!       After we hit our neighborhood, GrandMaMa wanted to show off the Littles in her neighborhood so we drove over.  It was then my turn to stay behind to hand out candy while they went to score more loot.

Mini Moose stayed dry in his costume had had two big pees after each time he returned from Trick or Treating.     It was that poop this afternoon that was the stand out.


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