Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 252

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/1  Day 252 R:      Okay, so what happened to February!?     I can’t believe the year is almost over.  I so want to have back “kid time” so that the seasons feel like they last forever again.

Typical stuff today and we are still relatively housebound without a vehicle.    EC last night was another 100% and we didn’t have a miss until 30 minutes before we got up and that was total laziness on my part.  I lingered feigning sleep trying to entice Mini Moose to snooze a little longer, but turns out he had to go potty.     An that set the pace of the morning with a miss, miss, miss…AGAIN boy really!?  And then we got back on track.

I had to pump for work and Mini Moose didn’t want to have any part of a nurse and a nap.   He finally had a late afternoon snooze but was a crank pants before that because he wants to be everywhere all at once doing everything.    Itty Bitty was a little wired up too, but they were playing together and aside from having to remove a few inappropriate sized toys and a few, “Don’t pick him up by his head!”    “Hey, let go of your sister’s hair!”    they did quite well for a very extended play session.    I think Moose is going to give up multiple naps far sooner than Itty Bitty simply because he wants to be up her butt.   He even has a big excited smile whenever he sees her and he’s been starting to initiate peek-a-book blanket games.     That’s far better than the “give me that” game — my ears can’t take the screetching from either of them!

We had a very nice catch rate otherwise, I’d say 80:20  overall.     Got his training pants soaked right away which was too bad since I love baby tush in trainers.    So cute.

The jeep was ready to pick up half an hour before the shop closed and I couldn’t get down there.   They probably would have waited for me, but to be honest I didn’t feel like walking the 30 minutes with the kids to get there in the cold.  I’ll go down tomorrow around noon to get it.    They did get it inspected for me though so that was one thing off of my plate, yay!      Daddy Man had to drive me to work and then pick me up.    He was a little out of sorts because Mini Moose was being acrobatic with the bottle and didn’t really want the milk and didn’t want to nap as usual.    He almost thought the Durango was going to need work but turns out the floor mat he bought got the break a little stuck so it caused a little smoke on the way home.      Daddy Man, by the way, has been getting more successful with catches too.  He’s still tends to get peed on after naps though as he tends to linger and for some reason the wee pad he uses gets bypassed by the wee peni.  Mini Moose is good at hosing people down.

No poop today.    *gulp*


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