Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 254

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

They always start at the wrong end!

11/3  Day 254 S:       Last night was a bunch of misses and just one catch.   It was just one of those off nights.   I’m also pretty sure Mini Moose is entering the Big Bad Nine Month Growth Spurt and I am bracing myself and my poor nipples for the coming marathon.   But at the same time, I also expect big EC changes mainly in consistent holding power.   Mini Moose tries hard to hold it and release only part of it in the wrong place if he can help it and puts it where it is goes if given the chance.     He is giving several warnings before letting loose a flood especially with Daddy Man.     This was a turning point for Itty Bitty and I expect to see similar patterns.  After all, growth spurts happen in similar patterns across all of baby-dom!

Anyway, we all lingered quite late in bed.    As usual, when I got up and was still tired and Daddy Man was still blissfully having a tete a tete with the Sandman, I handed over the baby and went back to bed to snuggle with Itty Bitty (who by the way I think is in the middle of her own growth spurt because she’s been sleeping 2 extra hours a day).     And wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t fall alseep!!   Bah!   Oh, the inhumanity!   We all ended up in the bed playing and singing with Mommy and Daddy getting feet in the throat, face, kidneys, and spleen.

We decided to go for breakfast…or rather lunch when Grandmama came by and treated us to lunch.      She almost missed us, and she might have if I hadn’t been in the middle of giving Mini Moose a potty break before we left.

Mini Moose has been a bit cranky today and both of the Little’s have been very demanding and jealous of attention the other gets.   Frankly, it’s starting to grate on my nerves!    Deep breath.   DEEP BREATH.    It grates on Daddy Man too.  Itty Bitty gets into that toddler repeat pattern saying the same thing a 100 times and the two of them kind of escalated and I had to play referee and interpreter of what each of them needed but wasn’t getting heard.     I WISH someone would do that for me.  It is hard to referee yourself!

Got most of the pees but missed the darned poo again.  Phooey.

Today’s Chore:    clean the nasty kitchen and refrigerator (that took an hour and a half), recycle

Dinner: Pizza    (man I could use a personal chef!)


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