Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 255

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/4  Day 255 Su:      Same old same old, blah blah, yadda yadda.         Now to the interesting stuff.

Initiating a game of Peek-A-Baby!

Today was chore day for me and Daddy Man.    His task was to tackle the ramshackled garage and mine was to clean the dirty, nasty floor and dust.    (I’ve given up on taming the laundry beast for now, only half is folded)        It was all going swimmingly.    I was sweeping and Itty Bitty was using a dust pan and brush with GREAT effect to help me.    She must have gone back and forth to empty it in the trash at least a dozen times and she stuck with it for an hour before she decided to go play.     Mini Moose was wrapped on my back in our Kozy Mei Tai and napped.  When he woke up, I removed him from my back, gave him a HUGE pee opportunity, nursed him a bit, then back on my back so I could steam mop the floor.

Mistake One:    He’s going to need to pee soon.  Hmm, he hasn’t pooped yet today.   (I keep mopping the floor)
Mistake Two:   He’s awake and wiggling.  (I keep mopping the floor)
Mistake Three:   I’ll take him to pee as soon as I finish this spot. (I keep walking and his wiggling suddenly stops)


“AKKKKKKKKK  Nooo Waiiiiiiit!   I’m sorry!   My bad!  WAIT!   Eeeek!”

Daddy Man is in the shower and hears the commotion.     I say, “I deserved that. ”

But, Mini Moose was kind.   As I cleaned myself up after cleaning him up (it wasn’t a whole lot of poop, just enough to be messy) I put on a fresh prefold before setting him down so I could get dressed.  I hear the fart and a little squidgy noise.    This time I whisk him up quick and hold him over the toilet and out comes BIG DADDY POOP.     Man…it was a site to behold and I thanked the baby profusely for holding it in and not shooting it all over my back.


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