Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 256

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Itty Bitty and her Shadow

11/5  Day 256 M:      Mini Moose peed three times last night and we only missed the last one.  Then we missed the viscous poop.  Clearly he is getting more apple bits in his belly.   It was missed only by a second, so we avoided too much disaster.   Otherwise it was a pretty typical day, though I am noticing that he is holding pee longer and releasing more at once.  He gets more annoyed if I offer when he does not really need to go, so I’ve been waiting longer, but of course that means I miss a bit more as I learn the new limits.

We were excited to go to a parent toddler art class we signed up for which was conveniently 5 minutes from my job and halfway bewtween Daddy Man’s job and home.  The problem:  cancelled and none of the staff knew!   I was too bummed out to be mad.   We were stuck there because if I went home I’d miss Daddy Man who was already on the road and so we went to the Kid Gym.  Turned out Daddy Man forgot to go there rather than home and forgot to set his watch back for Daylight Savings.  He was a bit stressed!

On top of that when I got home from work he tells me our Zombi Children didn’t nap!   Yikes.  They were really tired and tag teaming.  One would wake up the other just as they were about to fall asleep.


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