Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 258

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Cushion Tent: Where are you Sister?

11/7  Day 258 W:    One big pee last night.   Mini Moose continues to display his new strength and capacity.     This means though that we are having a transitional period where I need to relearn his limits because he isn’t quite at the stage of  baby sign signaling.  He signals are still more reflexive and of the grunting, squealing, phantom pee super sense variety.    I still get all “wow” about the phantom pee…it is just such a weird sensation!

Anyway, it was bitter bitter cold out, but we needed to get out of the house for at least a couple of hours.    I hate winter.    It took forever to get ready.    I layered up Itty Bitty in socks, baby legs under her pants (that way if her pants rode up or she sat down she didn’t get cold shocked — I hate that!), two shirts, and her fleece coat.   I couldn’t find her hat so she had to wear a smaller knit hat she’s outgrown which didn’t keep her ears warm.   Mini Moose had baby legs, socks, regular pants, diaper cover over a prefold, fleece coat with hood and a snowman hat with earflaps.    I was the least dressed of course since I’m lucky I can find one layer that fits!

Not only is it a pain but it took me so long twice to pee him (together with his new holding power) that we missed both times we were out as we were in the bathroom.    I think for this baby I’m going to have to buy or make one set of warm baby chaps pants/trousers for outings just to eliminate one layer over his butt.   I’m not at all worried about the butt getting cold with all that cottony padding.    Having opposite season babies has confounded me from time to time.

We are using training pants more and with his new length between pees I think we are going to have a big leap.

We came back home from Story Time and I scrambled to put away garden tools, and other things to protect them from the coming Noreaster storm.   It’s going to be freezing snow and rain.   Just as I was finishing (with my hands frozen) a few flurries here and there came down.   I was so surprised to come inside the house (I left the Littles in the kitchen so that I could peek in while I was busy) and I was so pleased and proud to see that Itty Bitty had not only removed her coat and hat, but also had taken care of her brother and removed his hat and coat!   Sure, one arm was stuck in his shirt but she was so thoughtful.

A pretty bad storm as far as driving conditions started two hours later.  Daddy Man called me to say he would be slow in getting home.   He arrived safely.  He’s been driving since he was thirteen on a family farm so is very experienced with rough driving conditions.


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